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Family picnic

Started by Quirkyhndl, December 31, 2019, 01:03:00 PM

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Took the kids to the park yesterday, despite my lower hips/back still being in flames. Figured the walking might help work it out if I took it slow  old-man/cane. Clara (1) went down the big slide for the first time, surprisingly without crying.

Then we went up to the fire pit area and had picnic and cooked some hotdogs and marshmallows on a fire that was a pain to get going :P

Even walked a little down the trail so the kids could play on the bridge and dry creekbed. Clara again loved this.

My upper back is now feeling the results, but not too bad. All in all it was a sucessful outing.  :biggrin:
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:clapping:  Well done, brother.  I think of those as good pains... pains that tell you how valuable the time you spent was.  Hope it calms down quickly and lets you get back to life.  :budy:

I took my pupper walking and got almost a whole block.  With the weather the way it is, my pupper runs out of cold weather perseverance about the time I run out of energy so... one block at a time.  :great:
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It hurts now, but you'll look back in ten or twenty years and you will be so glad you were able to have those pains, because of what it meant to you and the kiddo's. trust me, those pains will all be worth it one day if they're not already. BUt you probably already knew that. I remember a lot of times I hurt myself doing something with one or both boys I knew better than to do, and now I barely remember the pain, those memories are still there but I don't remember how bad it was, just that it was bad. I spent a week in bed after but I don't remember that part, just the smile on my sons face that's what I will always remember. He/They knew how bad it hurt me when we did it, that meant they enjoyed it that much more knowing I would hurt myself that much for them, Not that they enjoyed hurting me that's not what I meant, but the other part about it being special to them because I was willing to do that to myself, and it was special to me too, who cares how bad I hurt they smiled that was and is the important part. Although there have been times they wanted to put me under the control of a dom, so they could watch me suffer, but if your kid doesn't want that for you every now and then your not doing your job as a parent.
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When you look back on it the pain will not be a part of the memories you made.
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Took me years to learn to say NO,i  hurt too much,but that was a good call Quirky.  ::sunshine::

It is what it is...


 :blue thumbs up: Good for you Quirky! Sounds like a good time.
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