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Prayer Warriors Please!

Started by Robby, January 09, 2020, 07:08:46 AM

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Monday night my 75 y/o step-mom, that I love like my own mom even though here and dad have only been married for about 5 years, fell and broke her arm. She had to have surgery yesterday  morning, as she completely broke the shaft from the elbow ball. Good news, the doc said everything went perfect, when I called to check on her last night she was doing good. But I know dad is scared, real scared. See 7  years ago mom fell and broke her hip, she never really recovered from the surgery, between her health, and some of her meds, the anesthesia took a toll on her brain, and she was never the same, then shortly after that, she broke her other hip, and woke up not knowing she was in the world. She would look at someone talking to her, but did not respond to her name or anything, she passed a few months later.

The doc said my step-mom was lucky she landed on her arm, and not her hip because of her age. She's about 5 feet (1.5m) and 90 pounds (40kg), but completely healthy. I have to admit the similarities of Margret and mom is too close to home for me too.

I know I don't need to tell all this, but I want you to understand. that after mom and dad got older they started going to what we call the Senior Citizen Center, there all over around here. It's a government program for senior's they go to a local center each day where they spend time with other senior's, they have day trips, they are fed lunch, medical providers show up and do free exams, they have crocheting, they play chess and checkers and other businesses will come by with freebies, for instance a dry cleaners might give coupons for one garment cleaned for free. Just any company that wants to do something good for seniors. Well, mom and dad started going to a different center, the first day they ran into Margret. Mom knew Margret already, so she introduced Margret and dad. Mom was gone less than a year later, after she spent time making sure dad and Margret were friends, she had asked dad to go and do some work around Margret's house.

I always felt that mom knowing her COPD was going to get her very soon, was trying to get Margret and dad together. It worked, they got married shortly after mom passed. As soon as they both had their legal stuff set up so their kids could not get an inheritance from the other person. Back in about 1980 dad decided to build a two story workshop, I watched mom out there helping him raise walls, running electrical, putting  a roof on it. Taught me a lot about what a woman can do, not what society says a woman can do. A while back dad needed to get on the house and replace a few shingles, Margret was on the roof with him, that's just the kind of woman she is. I've seen her grab a shovel and dig part of a ditch to force dad to sit down and rest. I was just happy to know that dad wasn't going to be alone, but then when I got to know Margret, I came to love her even more. I don't know how well dad would handle losing two women as great as the two God's blessed him with. Mom's passing changed him, he is a completely different person, a different parent, I don't want to see him go through that again, not that this is that serious, but moms wasn't either, but it still scares me, both for him and me.
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Praying for healing and peace. So glad to see how you and your dad have been blessed by having Margret in your lives. God is good.
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