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Anyone know a good place/brand to buy

Started by Robby, March 22, 2020, 11:40:41 AM

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Unfortunately I find myself needing to buy a new laptop. I want a 17" screen, other than that I have no specifics. That's not as bad as it sounds, I have just lost touch with specific processors, ram types etc... I want a decent processor, but especially since they started this turbo effect thing, I just don't trust that if it says 2.5hgz processor- 4.2ghz turbo speed that it really means the same as 4.2ghz processor. So I'm finding what sounds like a good pc, and then Googling that processor, ram,graphics, etc..., finding honest reviews on that laptop. I have 8 gig right now, and it seems almost adequate, but I would like to have a little more, but I don't need 32gig, and 16 even sounds like too much, but I wouldn't complain, but I don't see anything in between, I know it has to be in pairs, but I actually saw a manufacturer the other day offer one with (1) 4gig stick, and (1) 8 gig stick both same type (DDR3 1.66 whatever can't think), which I've always been told won't work, but apparently that manufacturer has found a way to make it work.

A backlit keyboard would be nice for when I'm up at midnight, on the pc, but I don't really need that, I have bought Dell for the last 4 or so I've had and always had good luck with them, this one is almost 11 years and just now starting to show it's age. They keyboard is acting up the bluetooth doesn't work right, wants to get warmer than it should, but not hot (yes, I have cleaned/sprayed it out), slowing down some, starting to lock up when I open too much at a time. My last dell was also a workhorse, until Brandon closed the lid, pushing my earbuds, through the screen causing a powersurge frying the motherboard. I forgot about having to move that hdd into this pc, another way it's starting to die.

So can anyone recommend something, doesn't mean I'll chose that specific pc, but I will look at the manufacturer and especially that line. I don't even know if I can afford one right now, as I have several other things I need to buy right now (a couple small window unit heat pumps, and probably another car), but my pc is critical to me making through out the day.  Also, Aaron's school is bringing his work by every Monday, and a lot he needs to do on the pc, I need another pc so we both can be online at the same time, because he will get the pc first to get his work done. 
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Highly recommend ASUS as a brand... I've found them to be very reliable.  When you go to compare cpu, hard drive speed, memory, and video cards, take a stroll over to and do your comparisons.  It's an excellent tool for direct comparisons in a real world scenario.  

Two different sticks can be used... especially in a laptop.  The mainboards are not designed for hyperthreading so they don't have to be matched sticks... different architecture.  Desktop mainboards can do the same but it often cripples their top end.  17" screens will be a bit scarce but they are still out there.  Another option that might give you an even better end result is using a smaller laptop and an external screen.  That doesn't work for everyone, though, and it means that you have a smaller laptop when you move it from your regular spot.  Of course, 17" screens suck power like mad so having it plugged in constantly is an almost certainty.

Check these out:  
? It's not super fast or glitzy but it has a modest discreet video card (a must for basic gaming) and good Harmon Kardon speaker system, 16GB of RAM, and has an SSD boot drive, even if it is only 256GB along side it's 1TB harddrive.
About the same as the top choice only a little cheaper with a backlit keyboard.
A little less money, larger boot drive, lit keyboard, slightly faster video card, with an AMD Ryzen chip (prety slick)

I'm a big fan of the ROG Zephyrus series but nobody I know has that kind of rubles.  I hope these aren't too high priced...
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Quote from: foxgrove on March 22, 2020, 05:58:22 PM
 I hope these aren't too high priced...

As soon as you said that, I thought, "well no need me even looking" lol. I was right. The Dell's I've been looking at, I can  buy straight from Dell, for around $500, same laptop from Amazon, or anywhere else at least $200 higher or more. I do appreciate the links, though. I haven't looked at any ASUS because I knew nothing at all about them. I will check them out. I'm not really one that just has to have a certain brand, but if you bet something that gives you good service you tend to want to stick with that brand. I used to use Acer, until I had to get a Dell because of price, and stuck with Dell until now, when Brandon bought that other one, which was an HP, of course it was from 2007 or something, can't fault HP for that disappointment. But I can't afford their stuff.

I know $500 isn't much, and can go a little higher, I just wanted to see what someone else suggested, to see what was worth buying. I will check out ASUS because you suggested it. But with everything else I have to buy, I may have to see how long this one last.

I use the 17" because it's easier to see. I'm not like blind or anything but I do have trouble. Going with a second monitor, I would almost just go with a desktop computer instead. I'll have to send you a picture of my chairside set up. There is a  cabinet next to my chair, I took out the top drawer, and flipped it over and screwed in a drawer slide. Flipped it back over, and added a "platform". I sit my laptop/mouse on the platform, then I when I sit down, I can pull out the drawer slide, moving the laptop right in front of me, then when I get ready to stand up, I slide it back in out of the way. To do that with a (second) monitor it would have to be screwed to the platform to keep it from being top heavy and/or getting knocked off, either one would not be good. But really the only thing I need a portable computer for is my printer is in the bedroom. Placing the printer in the living room, would look worse than having my pc in the living room. Although allowing me to use a desktop pc. Which I have priced some, getting some suggestions here was really my last step before deciding to go with a desktop.

One more question, In the last two or three days I've seen several units using a "Pentium" processor. I thought the Pentium died around 1995. Most of these units have been the lowest cost units available (especially as they are only dual-core processors), but I didn't question it more than just a chuckle, until I saw it on a unit not on the bottom of the price chain. Do you know anything about this processor still being used?
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Up until recently I would have recommended acer aspires netbook, actually you know what it has been a great laptop for almost 8 years so I would still recommend one.


Those would be very interesting for specific purposes... I'm thinking something like a kitchen recipe server or possibly a single unit media server.  Kinda like "Raspberry Pi"s on steroids.  That first one would actually work quite well as a small personal computer as long as it's not pushed.

You're right that Pentium Celeron level processors started in the 90s and the series has continued to be updated to this day... very low end processors but they are still out there.
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