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FDA recommends health care professionals discuss naloxone with all patients when

Started by ronr, July 25, 2020, 01:24:26 PM

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Sounds like we need a talking to about opioid pain meds and the chance for overdose.  First time I read something about this it sounded like it was just going to be a new label on the bottle since there is so much room left on them anyway but re-reading, or just scanning it, sounds like the docs get to enter a note in their file about telling us.

Clicking the topic for Drug Safety Communication brings up this:

Does anybody have a cheat sheet if there is a drug test?  I'm scared!!
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I have to admit, here in Winnipeg, it's likely saved about 200-300 lives in the last three years.  Opioid overdoce isn't something we generally worried about until doc started increasing my fentanyl dosage a few years back (not something I currently use).  It wasn't a big increase but suddenly, I was gasping for breath every few minutes.  Doc said that had we not realized what was happening, it was possible that I might have gone to sleep and never woken up. 

I imagine that those are the sorts of things that keep these docs up at night.  Naloxone generally requires that someone else realizes what is going on... not something we would be in a state to realize for the most part.  The crappy part of naloxone is that you are instantly in withdrawal and the headache apparently is brutal... of course, that beats the heck out of death.  Well, maybe not for everyone but I do enjoy my little cup of oxygen every few seconds or so. ;)
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Sorry but I just saw this..  :lmao: Since when does the government really care about people? They just don't want doctors getting sued. Otherwise they wouldn't have made it so impossible for me to fill a legit script and end up on a respirator. (Only because I was lucky enough to be in the ER when I  had convulsions and stopped breathing!)

They have made it so hard to get pain relief that people are committing suicide or snorting heroin. Heroin overdoses have shot thru the roof over the past few years.

I'm sorry, this just makes me sad, because It reminds me every time about the 50 year old chronic pain lady that killed herself rather than put her husband thru all the extra trips and hoops to jump thru to get pain meds :emowall:

Good post though ronr we need to know what's coming.
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Stephen i agree with you,the gov dont give a crap!
Ive already been thrugh the nyloxidone, when i broke my hip, but for me it dont matter anyway, my morphine is gone forever.
They are finally giving me meds in my neck to attempt to handle my arm pain.
So many things that should have been done months ago.
That really chafes my hide! :emocurse:
Know what i mean?

It is what it is...


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