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We got a 2018 Toyota Rav4 LE

Started by Barberian, May 17, 2021, 04:34:42 AM

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As usual, I intended for a small post and it just kept growing, sorry. I know this isn't Fibro related really, other than it helps with getting around town comfortably and safely, and gives us room for our service dogs so they aren't in our laps as we drive around town.

We got a 2018 Toyota Rav4 LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our credit used to sincerely and honestly suck. My wife has been working on getting my credit score back up to above water level and she did it, hers still sucks pretty bad, but that is next on the list. A lot of the badness comes from medical bills not being paid with any attempt at being promptly paid by the insurance or the VA(Wife is on insurance, I'm on the VA Plan, I'm supposed to be %100 covered for me, but you know how government red tape goes. If I'm seen at the VA it's free, If I have an emergency and go to medical anything in town I end up with a deductible, which I'm not supposed to. Anyway, off of my medical rant...

Our ex-almost daughter-in-law got a small Toyota cross-over (mini SUV) a couple of days ago, and she has bad credit, so the Mrs got the hair-brained idea to give it a try too... First, at our Toyota dealership we checked out a Chevy Excaliber - 2014, it was ok, had 120k miles or somewhere in that neighborhood, and it showed in a lot of places. We were counting on the idea that they would want "off brands" off their lot as quickly as possible. The majority of the time we were looking, I was praying for guidance and help not to get burned with a bad purchase. Then as we were walking away from it the Excaliber, I jokingly said to my wife "how about that one, and pointed at it ~ a much bigger?/better/faster/cooler 2018 Toyota Rav4(med-sized crossover) it was twice the price almost of the Excaliber, but the Mrs was insistent to try for it, and we got approved for it?!!?!!? and a small forest worth of paperwork later, we got the keys and a full complimentary tank of gas.

Dealership Toyota approved us, but we are still waiting for corporate Toyota to approve the loan on Monday, but we are pretty confident it will stick. We used our government stimulus checks for the downpayment. The Rav4 is in excellent condition and runs great with 37,478 or so miles on it +/-. We need to go back to the dealer on Monday and get a headlight replaced (burned out) that we didn't catch on our pre-purchase inspection. We bought the full coverage maintenance packages, 3 versions of them covering different things. So basically for the next 5 years, we won't have to pay hardly anything if something breaks or quits.

My Toyota Tacoma is a yr 2000, our F-150 is a 1991 I think (stuck in 4 wheel drive), and the Uhaul I sleep in is older than that, not sure how old.


Congralations! that's great. I know from experience that the RAV-4 should be just the right height for you to get in and out of without having to stress yourself. That's the reason I changed from a car to a small(er) suv. I just could not get out of a car anymore, they just sit too low. I can fall into it, but I can't fall up out of it, well actually I can. I've been known to fall up before, and I've fell out of a car, so doing both wouldn't be that hard. But enough about me. I guess though I need to post about my newest truck purchase, how I got it is even better than what I got.
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Another spontaneously growing post. I wish I could stop this. Mild OCD tendencies to blame.

Quote from: Robby on May 17, 2021, 07:55:29 AM
Congratulations! that's great. I know from experience that the RAV-4 should be just the right height for you to get in and out of without having to stress yourself. That's the reason I changed from a car to a small(er) SUV.

Do you have a Rav4 also?

My wife kept on wanting a car. the last cars we used, I had one heck of a time getting in or out of, way too low. The RAV4 is just about perfect for both the Mrs and I, she is disabled as well. I was parked at Walmart earlier today while the Mrs was shopping. I thought the seat was slid all the way back, nope, I slid it all the way back and tilted the seat all the way back, almost laying down, and OH boy, it was comfortable. Not sleep comfy, but I could probably fall asleep for a quick battle nap. It is the biggest cab I've been in, in recent and not so recent memory (I've sat in like 5 vehicles in the 12 years). I have extreme difficulty sitting straight upright. I have to sit at about 45 deg slant or I'm miserable.

This nearly perfect compromise for the two of us, we have room for our service dogs (always), Granddaughter (occasionally), and my wife's walker too (always). Not sure what we are going to do when I need my walker, I'm guessing it will fit with both rear seats down. With a little creativity we can fit our Grandson too (we don't get to see him often, we had a falling out with my stepson over my mother-in-law's estate which he had no rights to, but tried to claim anyway. He disowned us when he didn't get his way or money (which wasn't much at all). So be it. Granddaughter stays with her mom, Grandson with his father.


Quote from: Barberian on May 18, 2021, 02:56:37 AM

Do you have a Rav4 also?

No I didn't but had a friend that had one. She is a very aggressive driver like I am, or used to be, and if I'm having a good day, still am, but she put about 275K miles on it. When she traded  it ran just like it did they day she bought it.                     
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Bravo!!!  That sounds like a fabulous vehicle! :clapping:
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 :blue thumbs up: Thanx for all the congratulations offered. ::sunshine::

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