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My new truck *UPDATE in comments*

Started by Robby, May 19, 2021, 08:18:12 AM

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Taking a cue from Barberian, here is my latest acquisition. I just got a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it only has 111K miles. I know I mentioned a while back that Dawn broke her arm. That happened when we were at a car dealership so I could look at a truck. Which I really liked it, and I wanted it, but the dealership made me mad, and after that I refused to buy from them. I looked at a couple of others in person and online, but just couldn't find one I really liked. Then I remembered a guy I"ve bought several cars from. He is actually a wholesaler,  but he does have his  retail license. But I have not been to his lot in several years, so I decided to run up there and just see what he had. So when me and Dawn finished up some errands in town the next day, we went up to his car lot, which is about a 45 minute drive. It's technically not that far, it's just there is no easy way to get there. You have to drive halfway there, and then start over  :insane: .

So as I get close I notice he was getting a load of cars in, which means I had to drive around the truck to get onto the lot. As I pulled in I noticed this Grand Cherokee on the truck, the driver was unhooking the chains on the truck. I sat there and waited for him to get it off the truck. He drove it up to me, and left it running and I took it for a test drive. I was in love. I asked for the price, which he had to get the paperwork out and figure up what he had to have, while I was on the test drive. I told the dealer, I would get in touch with him before he closed the next day. Since it was almost 5:00, I waited until the next morning and called two finance companies to get a loan, both turned me down. So I'm figuring out what to do, and Garrett stops by on his way to work to pick up something. He asked how my truck hunting was going. So I told him this story, and said I guess I'll have to wait. That was on Thursday, about lunch Friday he calls me, and tells me to get dressed, he needed me to go to town with him. I didn't ask questions, He likes to get my opinion on large purchases, before he buys it.  He gets to the house and sits down with me, he tells me that he went and got a loan on the truck, if I still wanted it, he had basically bought it, all I had to do was make the payments. I quickly agreed. That's the kind of boys, I've got. This truck was a lot nicer than anything else I had seen. It was a one owner, and I actually found registration papers in the glove box, and called the previous owners, and they said there was nothing wrong with it, they just bought a newer truck.

Like I said it's an '07, full time 4x4, it has the biggest V-8 Hemi offered that year. Yes a Hemi. I've got to get used to the gas mileage, my old truck got 25-30 average, this one gets 13-15 average. But no more than I actually go anywhere, it's not that bad, but we still live about 20 minutes out of town, so it takes at least a quarter tank of gas to go anywhere. But I can tow anything I need to, and if I ever get in the wrong situation, it is a Jeep, it will go anywhere and do anything, nothing else can keep up with a Jeep off road. I've got to put some tires on it, and it was telling me 3 of the tires needed some air badly. So I stopped and was going to do that, but all 4 of the threads of the valve stems are rotted off. Brandon bought me some new tires, (again, I've got the best kids in the world) they are in the back end of the truck, I had to order some new tire pressure monitor sensors. I'm having my local mechanic install them, which is why I had to order the TPMS. I'm supposed to drop it off on Thursday when they can get to it.

Everything Else I looked at in my price range had 190K-275K miles on it, the one's that less than 150K miles, was a couple thousand out of my price range. So I bought  it with about half the miles, and half to 100%
less expensive than everything else. Then I found a set of tires at Walmart, it's a new-ish company, the tires are made in South Carolina, and they are pricing their tires about half the coast of other brands, and the installation is a good bit less than Walmart or anyone else. I was trying to sell my old truck, which brought up all the Facebook drama over me being banned from the Facebook Marketplace, Which I still haven't found anyone to tell me what I did wrong, because I did nothing wrong. But anyway moving on. The day after I got that information and was trying to decide what next, Brandon called me from work and one of the guys he works with needed a vehicle, and had said he would buy it without even seeing it. Brandon was going to bring him by when they got off work. So It's sold. Because I had to go through a finance compnay instead of a regular bank, the payments and interest are both higher than I was expecting, but it's not bad.

One more thing, I drove it about 25 miles on the test drive, it ran perfect, not a problem of any kind. Except the sunroof is silconed shut because it was leaking. Which I don't care, because I hate having a sunroof open, between the wind blowing through, and then the sun that comes in is too much, and hurts my eyes. But I got it bought, and came home, I went to town the next day, I put less than a 100 miles on it, and the check engine light came on and it started missinng. I stopped by my mehcanics, he checked it out and said as best as he could tell without getting in the shop, it was just a bad coil pack. Just my luck though, I buy it and it starts breaking down.  :facepalm:

I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


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Its a jeep! Cool.
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It is what it is...


I know several of you drive trucks of some type. Eventually you will need tires, as I've told you Brandon bought tires for my truck. Here are the specifics on them and a pic so you can see them. Brandon had put them on his old truck, and was very pleased with them. They ride smooth, and quiet, and get a lot of traction. They are also the cheapest thing you  can get that's worth buying. It is a new company that is headquartered in S. Carolina, which is also where the tires are made. Just thought I would share and maybe help someone else save a little money.

Seller: Walmart
Brand: Dextero
Type: All Terrain
Warranty: 50,000 miles (80467 km)
Cost: $97.00 (117.22 cad),  I just noticed they've went up to $100.
Avg. Cost A/T tire my size: $130 (157.00 cad)

I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



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