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Is it slow

Started by Robby, May 08, 2022, 08:19:25 AM

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I don't know why, but your post brought back my drinking days when this girl and I were running around a hotel after coming out of the ocean completely naked. :lmao:

Why we weren't arrested is beyond me.

the cars"Let the good times roll"  :rotfl:
Stephen Michael Dirse


I was just listening to the cars the other day and "Let the good times roll" popped on and the first thought I had was "This does not sound like he is having a good time?'


Quotethe first thought I had was "This does not sound like he is having a good time?'

You know looney for me I have a hard time when that song comes on, just talking about it

Because \,,,/  when I was a actual Human being, I went over to this girls house, we were going to go to the beach.

I knocked on the door and she said for me to just come in, and at the same time she

was bending over the turntable putting on that song. She was wearing this bikini

that had a little heart cut out of the bottom, she had long brown tanned legs,

She looked so good, I couldn't even speak. In my own mind I was thinking "what the heck is this gorgeous girl doing with me?" She even asked me if I had smoked

pot,because I was acting strange to her. I said No, I couldn't tell her the truth :emowall: about how insecure I was. So everything was fine once I got  many Beers in me. What an idiot I was, and this was in my 20's.
Stephen Michael Dirse

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