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I usually don't like asking people for stuff. But I could use some prayers.

Started by Hollywood, July 18, 2022, 12:23:18 AM

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I haven't been on in while and this time it wasn't my fault. I've been in the hospital to many times the last 2 months.

They give me these vague answers about my kidneys. So after the cat scan they admitted me, i couldn't believe it because you have to really have something wrong to get admitted.

I called 911 because i couldn't stand up, my legs were like jelly and I knew my lower back needed to be looked at

Being in the hospital sucks. especially this one. you want to talk about feeling

They keep coming in and taking blood. And I'm stuck with another catheter and this one was big and it hurt.

Ask for pain meds. Treated just like years before i got the pump. I was in there 5 days and got 1 Percocet the whole time.

And Xanax, they cut me down to 1 1mg all day. At home I am prescribed 2mg 3 times a day. That just blew there minds. Why so much they say?

Maybe because I've been taking them for 20years you kind of build a tolerance.

I couldn't sleep I was twitching towards the 5th day; I even told them what happened when i went cold turkey off benzos. most of you know 7 days in a coma while a machine breathed for me.

Some goofy looking guy comes in and is talking really fast. he says "I have a lot of things wrong.

something about the vessels that go to my kidneys are constricted and other stuff about my kidney and prostate which i couldn't  understand him he was talking so fast.

i asked what was going on with my legs. He says 'Oh well I have to go to a neurosurgeon because the cat scan showed fractured, herniated disc and more. probably from 30years in construction and all the falls. they wanted me to go to a rehab center for my walking.

I said hell no, I'm about a day away from having convulsions from the lack of benzos and how is PT going to help my walking? I was walking with a lot of pain but I could walk'

I can't believe my neurosurgeon wants me to do PT for a month before the inevitable of having to have major back surgery.

My wife called the surgeons secretary because my wife had 2 surgeries by this guy. So she asked did she get the cat scans and how did they look..

I HEARD THE LADY ACTUALLY GASP WHILE LOOKING AT MY SCANS. She could only say that from my neck all the way down to my tailbone was a mess. My disc are like brittle old wood. It would have to be redone maybe with rods down my whole back.

The reason i couldn't walk because the disc were pushing on my spinel nerves/ But tomorrow i have to see a gastroenterologist because my bowels were inflamed and didn''t look right.

After all of this, i feel like an old dog that should be shot out in the woods.

So remember me when you say your prayers i would appreciate it greatly. Stephen
Stephen Michael Dirse


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