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New study on depression being chemical imbalance - BS

Started by ronr, July 21, 2022, 05:32:28 PM

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I just spent an hour writing a response partially because i am passionate about this subject and partially because my attention span....."SQUIRREL" limited and some how when I went to post it all disappeared needless to say my brain chemistry is now in grumpy mode....


DS*F$LJ@#RF'n things!!!  Takes a computer to really f up a life!  Wow, they finally figured out it's more complex than a lack of a chemical, huh.  Geez.  That took them long enough.  Some of those damn things really thew our lives for a loop and a couple of them almost took it. Not a real big fan of serotonin meds, even though I am still on a low dose of one of them. Considering my grandfather, my mother, myself, and most of my kids suffer from depression to one degree or another, I would think there is a whole lot more than "take this pill and you'll be all better".  What is your take on this?
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I haven't read the article yet, but I will, but I've been told for years it was was an impablance, especially when you have bi-polar like I do, that imbalance swings from one way to the other all the time, or you are both manic and depressed at the same d--- time. that is an interesting mood to be in, let me tell ya.
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