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brain changes and chronic pain

Started by Bob, August 10, 2022, 02:25:52 PM

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I am not sure if I posted a question like this before so, if I did, PLS Forgive me!

Apparently, it is now proven that the brain of a chronic pain patient changes as a result of it.  The studies I have read (sry didn't keep site history) indicate there are chemical as well as structural.

They states that these changes happen in parts of the brain that have to do with one's personality.

MY question is: what happens to that chemistry when/if you realize some amount of relief.

I say this b/c for 30 some yrs I was a pain in the a_ _ . I was verbally abusive to my wife etc..   However, after 30 yrs I have been blessed with enough relief that I am no longer focused of my pain or complain and my verbal abuse stopped.

Of course my wife would get angry and tell me to stop. I never did even though I was tryimng.  however, since the improvment in my pain I AM able to shut my mouth when neccessary.

To tell the truth - this is the first time in the 30 yrs, or so, I actually recognize myself . No more verbal abuse  and I don't even have to try to keep from happening .  it simply isn't part of who I am any longer.

SORRY  for the L _O _N _G diatribe!  If you were able to get to the end of my blurb - pat yourselves on the back .  You ARE a mighty fibro warrior!!! (or something like that).



 :bighug:  It is not easy reflecting on our behavior but it is the key to change! I went through a dark period when they were playing with my medicines and acted like a complete jerk...It is not the person I wanted to be! Take a deep breath and own it as your place to start new taking the time to thoughtfully respond I used to respond reflexively now I take things in and see if what i am going to say is really what needs to come out.


I have done that same thing Bob.  Didn't take me 30 yrs but I was older than you when it started. 

The pain speaks it's own language that cannot be ignored and everyone takes a different amount of time to get a handle on it and control our own emotions rather than let it rule everything about our lives.
Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely!


I truly see myself in these comments.  Pain does really sucky things to the mind and it does seem to be heavily tied to the level and intensity of the pain for me as well. Bad days I can hardly keep from opening my mouth and hurting people, just my snide side coming out to play I guess... a lot easier on regular days. Have to let you know what a good day looks like... my memory isn't that...

what were we talking about again???

anyways, there was this priest, you see... and he went into a bar... wait... wrong conversation...

Hope you have a whole lot of better days, brother. :budy: Here's to good communication and the ability to shut the heck up!!  :cheers:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



I can relate: Ive had this now for 30years and I don't know who or how I AM.

I shut down and it builds and some days it explodes, But my wife is the instigator I mean if I say I love you I just can't handle this right now.

I don't want to hear "well i hurt too" " then she can get down right ugly" "using

F bombs left and right. I never use the F word. Sorry don't' know if this made any sense. Like I said this changes people for sure.
Stephen Michael Dirse

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