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Why? Lurk?

Started by Hollywood, September 17, 2022, 10:04:45 AM

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 :insane: I hope I don't get in trouble for this. But I was wondering about "lurkers"

Like you see that 60 or so people looked at your post, but 9 replied. :biggrin:

Did they not like what I said? They don't have anything to say? We need a little hand wave emoji for people that just look but don't say anything..or we could have the middle finger emoji for people that really just don't like me. :emolaugh:  :rotfl:

I get it , no one has to post anything, I know there are a lot of voyeurs out there that like to watch. Well NO your not getting any nudes.. :rotfl:  :emolaugh:

I'm just kidding.  :bighug:  Don't ban me please. I didn't sleep all night and am really losing my mind.

So don't hold this post against me. I just have this feeling like i'm going to throw up if they don't renew our lease.

Homeless in my condition??? I can't let my wife and son down that way... Hell no I won't let some huge RICH company do that to me.

I'm not a quitter, we will make it somehow. Why does God love to test me? Doesn't he know by now I love him and I understand why I'm so unhealthy. If I was healthy and this whole thing never happened I would have probably driven my path in life into a ditch without even knowing it. :insane:  :emobadmod: 
Stephen Michael Dirse



I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Thanks Robbie and Looney, I can always count on you guys. One of these days we need

to actually meet in person, you two and Fox, ronr and Barbarien. and anyone else's name I forgot.  :pals:  \,,,/ 
Stephen Michael Dirse


Quit worrying about how many looked at your post vs how many replied!

Someone with fat fingers (not me ever) could close out a window & have to go back to look at it again. It's been said before that sometimes people just don't have the words at the time & have to think for a while.  There again, a second look at the post.

We have spiders that go about the web looking for content to rate for Google etc. That's one of those things that we have to put up with.  Don't know but I would guess those count as views also.

RELAX MAN and don't sweat the little things!
Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely!


 :yikes: RELAX MAN and don't sweat the little things!

ronr.. I hear you. I just was babbling and wondered, like I said I had NO SLEEP and

was whacky  :insane:  more than usual. As You can see by the time of this reply I'm

up AGAIN,,,at 3am i'm going thru insomnia bad and this is the second day, after 3

days I start seeing things that aren't there. It's scary. Had a shrink tell me one

time how lack of sleep can really mess you up. I was glad to hear it from a doctor, I thought I was losing it, :bighug:
Stephen Michael Dirse


It has been several years since I slept through the night and yeah it does mess you up.

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