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Tell me a story!

Started by looneylane, September 27, 2022, 11:42:43 PM

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I want to know each of you a little better even if it is just a little anecdote share with me and us! 

    I am going to start with a moment in time that challenged me deeply! As a few of you know I was recruited to the RCMP back in 2005 so off to Regina I went a few weeks in we began qualifying fire arms training. One day we had a few specialists come in to talk to us about use of force and one of the instructors was one of the top snipers in Canada's special tactical unit. Part way through he said "I have a hard question for each of you?" "could you shoot a suspect if he might fire on another person?"  It was a fairly easy yes but with a tinge of how could I de-escalate faster than they pull the trigger? Then  he said "If your partners life was in jeopardy could you shoot the perpetrator?" Again I was able to say yes but it was way harder. Lastly he said "Could you shoot if it was your life in jeopardy?" and my brain froze as I thought about being a trained officer shouldn't I have the tools to handle it without pulling the trigger?" Then he laid it out. In the first instance an innocent life could be snuffed out if you hesitate! next if you hesitate your partner and innocent bystanders could be killed! Lastly if you think your life is not worth more than an attacker that person could kill you, your partner and as many innocent people they can get to all of these situations mean I would not want you as a partner out of fear you won't pull the trigger when needed most!"   
     I was devastated as I thought I couldn't do the job but after a few talks with people I trust they reassured me they had seen me in situation where those decision making skills were quick and ready! This snipers questions were needed and powerful!   Tell me about a life changing moment in your life I want to know you better?


I'm not ignoring this thread, I'm trying to come up with a good story that tells who I am, and how I got to be this way. But I don't have that many that I could tell on a family friendly site. I was always a bad boy. I may just have to edit a story to make it family friendly, even though it wasn't. But  yeah, I'll get you one.

Well that and I really haven't had time, we've had some plumbing leaks, the house was replumbed when we moved in, because it sat up all winter and every pipe in it froze and busted. Every piece of shut off valve, faucets, toilet fill valves etc... are all failing at  the same time. So on top of replacing those, I'm having those can't get out of bed days because I stayed under the bathroom cabinet too long the day before. Or I had to strain too much to break a connection, you know what I'm talking about. Now Dawn has developed some kind of hole in her eyeball along with a serious infection, and both refuse to heal, so I have been taking her to the eye doc every day for a week now, not to mention to work, and going to get her. and now I have to take her to specialist over an hour away. But I like the idea of this thread it just hit me at the wrong time. So let me find the time.....
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looneylane.. The answer to your question is YES to all of the above questions.

I have a story and I will keep it short. My wife had a stalker once way back years ago. When my son was only about 5 years old. So that makes it 25 years ago.

This was a serious whack job, he actually used the police to harass us. I was woken up at around 2 am by banging on our front door. The were to cops asking me if my wife was safe. Because he had called them and made up a story about how I was holding her against her will and so on. So I got all of that cleared up with the police.

It was because of this guy and his constant threats to my family, that I felt it wise to get a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT so I never left the house without being ARMED, I WORE MY GUN EVERYWHERE. Also because of this illness, I felt much more vulnerable and unable to physically protect my family. Thank God that guy has moved on , I really don't know what happened to him. But it's been 20 years without incident.

Now just around 3 months ago, I couldn't sleep as usual, so I was up at 5am sitting in living room. And I was about 5 feet from my front door. (due to our finances we live in one of the most dangerous areas in my state)

So someone was moving the lever (handle) on our front door. So I hobbled as fast as I could to the bedroom where I keep my guns.

Immediately whomever it was stopped and left. So I didn't have to shoot anyone. I called the police just to report it. But the point is I've had to think and practice in my mind different scenarios where LETHAL FORCE would have to be used.

I don't think I would hesitate to shoot if my wife, son or I were in immanent danger.   
Stephen Michael Dirse

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