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Don't Know What to Say? Things You Might Include...

Started by Lori, October 11, 2008, 12:00:10 PM

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Things you might consider including in your intro or including as sections are:

    * Age
    * Gender
    * Where you're from or what region or place you live in now
    * Single, Married, Partnered, Divorced, etc. (relationship status)
    * A list of illnesses or diagnoses you have
    * When you were diagnosed and/or how long you had these before you were diagnosed
    * Profession (current or before illness)
    * Personal Story
    * Special interests, your passions, hobbies or what you do for fun and relaxation
    * Comments

We're so glad to see you here and look forward to meeting you and finding out more about you all as you settle in and become comfortable in this space!

Take good care & enjoy!


hi my name is mac    diagnosed 8months ago been in pain for severall years   everyone told me it was all in my mind  and that depression will do that to you   4 years of scans blood tests needles and being riddiculed  laughed at  thrown out of doctors offices because no one was listening so i started getting angry   just awfull fatigue pain pain pain of various types intensity  nerve sensations on and on and on    some days good some days not so good  it cant be seen so therefor doesnt exsist right cutting a very long storey short  after diagnoses droped like a hot brick  and told there is nothing we can do for you lololol   and a prescription for gabapentin in real high doses  so after struggling with the addiction and getting off it thank god i realise i must learn to live with it    i didnt want to join a n=knitting circle so here i am hopefully talking to men with fibromyalgia  i would apprisiate any responce at all thanks    mac                                         


Hi Mac thanks for coming on board with us! We are a pretty diverse group, mostly Americans and Canadian but from all over! Ask questions there is a lot of knowledge and experience in this crew.


Quote from: looneylane on October 02, 2022, 08:58:04 PMthere is a lot of knowledge and experience in this crew.
More experience than any of us wants to admit. But, back to the topic, HI Mac! I hate that you have to be here, but I'm glad you found us. As loony said, ask questions, there are all sorts of ways to deal with pain, and muscle cramps/spasms, not so much the fatigue start a new post in the "Open" section, tell us everything you've tried and we'll then be able to list all the things that have helped us.
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Welcome Mac !!

Was there some illness or surgery type of event that started the downhill slide or just a slow onset for you?

There are no stupid questions, it's only stupid if you don't ask & continue to suffer.  We don't have a cure buts LOTS of experience in dealing with all things FiBro.

How did you come about finding our site??

Give us some more background on your journey to get to this point when you have a chance.

Welcome Beads again!!!
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Hey... Welcome to the family, mac!  :bighug:

So... remember to keep your knitting needles at a 45° angle...  or not... this ain't no knitting circle! ;) Nope, just a bunch of random broken folk who keep picking each other up and dusting them off. They say that whatever doesn't kill you makes you sob uncontrollably... or something like that... Hey, at least you found us.

So, I'm excited to hear about your journey. I don't know that I've met a fibro guy who hasn't gotten the dead stare from a doctor, essentially either calling us liars or overly dramatic. Yeah... we've been there brother!

Looking forward to hearing your story.

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