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Hello - new kid on the block

Started by forestdweller, December 04, 2022, 07:07:56 AM

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Hello all,

My name is Jeff, and I have Fibromyalgia.

Was once a member here, but that was soooo long ago. Combine that with the brain fog, and I've no clue as to when it was. But it was likely 10+ years. I think. Maybe. *sigh*

Was first diagnosed 15+ years ago. Have since been "officially" diagnosed and labeled as such multiple times. But have come to realize I've coped with fibro most likely all my life. It's just that as I got older the ol' bod' just couldn't cope as well anymore. :biggrin: 

Am married, have 16 grandkids as of last count, disabled, walk with a cane, fairly soon to be "officially" retired and on regular SS, and have recently relocating cross-country. Finding a new home has been difficult.

That's enough about me for now ...
—Jeff, aka: ForestDweller


Hello, I guess it's welcome back. I totally understand the fog, I can; remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago usually. I walk in a room and ask why did I come in here? Luckily that hasn;t happened when I went in the bathroom :lmao:  I'm 51, and have been using a cane since about 2003. I'm married to an older woman, and she has two boys that are grown. But they are probably more mine than hers. So I have all the help I need. Then we have a 16 y/o with autism. so we have our hands full with him.

I can remember back to at least 2nd grade and having fibro symptoms, but was always told "It's just growing pains it'll stop when you stop growing" Yeah right, if only I knew then what I know now, I would cuss them out.

Just jump right in, add your advice, or questions. We area pretty laid back bunch, very easy to get along with.

That would accurately describe our bunch, so I know you will fit in somewhere.......if you can put up with the insanity....

:: Howdy ::
Welcome Beads $ sign eyes :wacko 3: :an jawdrop: mod dude :toilet: ::facepalm3:: ::surprised::
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Welcome Jeff (forestdweller) !!!

Glad to have you back.  Sometimes we just need a break from the daily grind but our bodies NEVER allow that so we substitute a small mental break.

Where did you relocate from, if I may ask, not to be nosy?  Some of the older folks have passed but some of the original are still around. 

Let us know if there is anything in particular you are looking for as in information. 

Things have been very slow recently so it's good to have someone new in the mix.

WELCOME again.
Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
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Hey Jeff,  Welcome home!!!!  :bighug:

I've got a couple of Jeff's in my memory but either way, great to have you back with us... except that it means that fibro still plagues your bones. Well... crap on that!  How the heck are you? As you can see, we're not busy like we used to be but the folks that still creep around these halls are the best anywhere.

Sixteen grandkids!!!  Man, I'm falling behind with only three. :biggrin: Do you live close to any of your kids/grandkids?
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