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Bangalore, India

Started by Aleris, October 12, 2008, 12:38:45 AM

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I believe only Achindude knows that my family and I are in India, where I am teaching at a Seminary for two years as a missionary with my family.  I am here teaching Pastor Counseling, Apologetics and Worldview.  Lately the persecution of Christians has increased in our state of Kanartaka in India.  We could use your prayers for safety.

Also for me as I have very hectic days, as there are days that I go for 12 to 14 hours, and much of it in intense pain at times.  This is monsoon season and the rain comes and goes with the barometric changes drastically, and most of you know how well that makes us feel. 

Luckily, my Rheumatologist has given me 6 months of meds until I find someone to help here, which is another prayer request.

Thank you.  Please just know that as I read the different messages and concerns throughout the site, that I am praying for all of you.

"True contentment is a real, even an active, virtue---not only affirmative but creative. It is the power of getting out of any situation all there is in it." -- G.K. Chesterson


Yes. I remember this, Aleris, that you're in India. That's a scary situation, Alan. Please do take care of yourselves as much as you're able.

I know it's hard with having such long days but hang in there and know that we understand how you feel. PTL for your rheumy. Hope you find a new one soon.

Yes. Please know that your whole family will be in our thoughts & prayers (I mean mine & Kathleen, my partner). :bigangel:

Take good care. Gentle hugs. :budy:



Yes I too remember something about you being in India. Do not worry I already PM God for you.

Take care and be blessed
one of Jesus' own


Hey Alan,

Peace be with you brother.  Rest in the knowledge that you are exactly where God needs you to be.  It is better to be in the most dangerous place in the world IF God wants you there than safe at home in bed and ignoring God's call.

I applaud your courage and willingness to follow God's call to India.  Thank you for being willing to stand in the gap for the people there who need to hear the gospel.  It is a bold and selfless thing to do.  Our prayers go with you.

Heavenly Father,

Praise you Lord.  You understand what we cannot comprehend.  You see the whole picture while we only see a tiny part.  In ALL things Lord, have your way.

Praise you for your providing hand that you give us the strength each day to do what we must.  Thank you for providing a place to meet and share and for allowing us to lift each other up in prayer.  You are a mighty and majestic Lord and we worship you alone. 

Place your arms of protection around this family.  Continue to give Alan and his family boldness as they fight in this  spiritual battle.  Give him the words to teach and open the hearts and ears of those who hear it that they might be truly blessed by this work.  Give Alan and his family opportunity to speak your words to touch the hearts of those they meet.  Make them a shining example of Your love that others may desire to know you more.

Father, we lift Alan up to you and pray that if it is Your will, that you would heal his body.  We ask You to Restore him to the strength and energy of his youth that he might have more opportunity to speak your words and he might have relief from his pain.  If this is not Your will, we pray that you would continue to supply him the strength and endurance he needs today to have a fulfilling day and be able to rest knowing that he walked with You through the day.

Forgive us Lord, where we are presumptious in our asking.  Forgive us for the many ways that we turn from your path for our lives.  Turn our eyes and hearts toward you and call us forward again to walk your path.

Bless this group Lord and all who join us.  Let us be an example to others of Your love and give us opportunities to teach others of this love we have learned.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



   I will pray for you and everyone there. It is a very dangerous world we live in; we need to rember those in similar positions.                                              Doug


Thank you so much for all your prayers and for all your encouragement.  It means a great deal to me and my family.

Thanks foxgrove for the written prayers as well.  I have read it several times now. 

It is also so wonderful that I have this forum, as it is a great place and the best one I have ever found.

Love in Christ,
"True contentment is a real, even an active, virtue---not only affirmative but creative. It is the power of getting out of any situation all there is in it." -- G.K. Chesterson


Prayers offered up. God will provide.


QuoteGod will provide.
Amen brother.. amen
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



you have my prayers also alan

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