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Study: Anti depressants for pain

Started by ronr, February 16, 2023, 06:25:53 PM

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I haven't had time to read the article, still trying to get moved, but in the beginning of all this I was given (more) anti-depressents than I was already on to control pain. If I said they didn't work I would be lying, if I said they did work, I would be lying. HUH??? that makes no sense!!! The truth is they reduced the pain between 0.5 and 1.0 points on the scale.  Other people I heard from said 1-1.5/2.0 points, maybe because I was already on them? Who knows

The first doc said it had something to do with the serotonin and other brain chemicals. The others just said it was because  I was depressed, go figure they didn't know so fibro doesn't exist, and besides that only women can get it. I was actually told those two things by one doc. I won't say here in a family friendly site what I told him.
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I can tell you my experience was they were completely useless for me when prescribed to treat pain (He didn't even tell me it was antidepressants until I confronted him) If anything it made things far worse as the pain spiked and I became almost suicidal the latest round of serotonin meds have left me with severe memory gaps and my pain is through the roof. There is also a severe shortage of the last meds that seemed to help so I have about a two to three week wait before I can get my prescription filled if the distributors best estimate is right.... maybe I do need an anti d med lol 


I couldn't really tell you how much the Cymbalta helps with the Fibro but when I can't get it for a while my depression and pain get worse.I have so much going on it is getting harder to tell what is Fibro and what isn't!
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I am so glad it works well for you and I do know some protocols have helped many but I am not one my one dr refused to even believe it was possible for the drugs he prescribed me could do what I said it did. It took a while but I found exactly the bad complications on their own product safety page with high numbers of failure and even included suicides and suicidal thoughts as being high for pain patients. Even though the manufacturer themselves said it was a very real very possible side effect he didn't want to believe it.


Antidepressants did nothing for me.
What I understand doctors in the UK used it on everyone with fibro and if the person with fibro did not return for treatment they listed it as having worked, not as the person had left to find another doctor because the first doctor was not helping them.
The likely reason some of the few it did help was placebo effect.
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Quote from: DEL on February 17, 2023, 12:16:29 PM.I have so much going on it is getting harder to tell what is Fibro and what isn't!
Same here buddy, same here. I've got to where I tell all my different docs the new stuff, after stating "this is probably not your field of treatment, but I don't know what's causing this so I'm gonna fill you in and let you tell me if it's yours or not"
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Yeah... I've run pretty much the whole gamut of anti-d meds... types not individual samples 'cause otherwise I would be a lot older than I am... and have to say that other than treating my depression which may be causally related to fibromyalgia but appears to be much more likely a genetic predisposition passed on through my mom's side of the family, antidepressants didn't do anything for the pain or if they did, the effect was so slight and fleeting as to be worthless.

Well, at least we tried I guess... {sigh}
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