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2023 Nov 18 19:10:11
ronr: Sorry folks but we have to move again.  Finances is the major reason and but the new hosting service is kicking back tons of errors and things just aren't work well!  I cleaned out the shoutbox just so that the changes messages will stand out better!

2023 Nov 18 19:06:32
ronr: Facebook does not allow nearly the amount of privacy and they search for people and groups thatdon't follow their guidelines.

2023 Nov 13 19:25:44
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2023 Nov 13 19:25:04
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Here we go AGAIN

Started by DEL, February 17, 2023, 04:37:01 PM

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 :emorant:  :emocurse:  :emowall:  :emobadmod:

Once again I'm out of almost ALL my meds for another 12 days...time for the Fibro, depression, pain, neuropathy, and everything else to run rampant. My Son and his family had to move in due to our wonderful economy and the added expenses  with minimal added support on our fixed income takes a toll. The friggin' house is falling apart and we just spent 650 fixing the van.
I'm probably not thinking straight but fk it I don't care at the moment. No use ranting at home so I'll do it here to keep the peace.
"Today, you will be with me in paradise."

I have to be me; no one else wants the job!

Praise God and Pass the Ammo!

If only my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle!


Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely!


I am out of my major one is out for up to a month myself due to drug supply failure. I talked to the distributor for the company (email correspondence) who told me that a shortage of ingredients has halted production until they can get more. They really should alert drs  so as not to prescribe  shorted meds and give them time and viable options to get people the help they need during that shortage 


Oh guys... geez Louise! That hurts just thinking about it. Aching bones... #$%^&*

Sending out big f'n grizzly bear bone crushing hugs to you all... pain be damned. I'm in a really good mood to get quite pissed off about the inequity of all of this but I'll just hold my tongue and place you all in God's good hands. Meet you on the floor, brothers. :bighug:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


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