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Mental and Emotional symptoms of Fibro

Started by Bob, February 18, 2023, 02:00:51 PM

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About 10ish years ago my doc's nurse, while I was complaining about something, said: "Yeah, they don't tell you you are going to LOSE yourself".  I didn't believe me  so I asked my doc who concurred with her statement.

Over the years I became aware of more and more things that are affected with the brain of a Fibro patient.

Unfortunately, I always had a problem with anger.  In retrospect it was like I was missing a filter and once I started we were off to the races.  Skip ahead and I am now being held accountable FOR all of these problems.  I hear from my wife amd kids (and pastor for that matter) that I should be ableto control all of that.  I still struggle , although it is better, I can keep my cool until another person starts to lose theirs and there we go again.

The big problem - My wife left me last thurs becuase of all of this.  I have been begging her to work WITH ME and together we can find a way (because I honestly am not aware that I am being like that). Nevertheless, she and at least one of my kids and husband feel the same- that they will not help because I should be ABLE TO DO IT ON MY OWN! 

iF YOU disagree w; me pls let me know cause I want to do right. 

My wife is glad to help w; my meds but because these things are invisable -THEY ARE NOT REAL.

So, glad you have this section cause I needed a good rant today!!!
Of course, none of them has ever cared enough to do ANY research into the illness. They don't need to cause they already know.


I'm so sorry for you Bob.  It is nearly impossible to get someone to understand what we go through even when they really want to know.  That is unless they have it too or at least some of the symptoms.  Otherwise it's too easy to blow many of the issues off to being exaggerated and made up.

Yes, you do truly lose your old self and need to invent a new you to deal with everything after fibro.  Hardest thing you have ever done is what most people say.  Deep down you retain some of your old ways but your whole world changes.

I'm not sure what to say and need more time for processing right now.
Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely!


I hate my new self!   I've had an anger problem since this started - around 1990, and unfortunatedly, I guess I took it out on my family (particularly my wife)

however, I honestly don't recognize that until someone gets mad at me.  as you can imagine MY LOVING family isn't buying any of that.

Truely, the desire of my heart is to serve my wife and make her happy but I always screw something up.  I love this woman with everything I have but.. 

I really don't blame her .  it has been an awecful 36 yrs (we've been married foor 37)

Does that make sense?  There are actually times when I find myself in an argument but, I don't remember how it started.  they think I am just covering foer myself.  My 34 yr olc daughter t0ld me. today that I am going to have to start taking responsibS


oops!  She said I should start taking responsibility.  I'm glad I was on the phone [with her.

Ron, I'm going to lose it all - Damn

thx for your responce (hard to type when my hands are shaking


Bob, I understand the shaking part. I also understand the anger and everything else. when you feel like el-crap-o it puts you in a bad mood. But like ron, I need a little time to process and think, my brain doesn't work as fast as it used to, used to be seconds, now it takes days or weeks to  have a coherent thought. I'll get back with you tomorrow. If not remind me, I have CRS (can't remember s***t)
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.

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