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Accelerated Brain Gray Matter Loss in Fibromyalgia Patients

Started by ronr, April 01, 2023, 06:19:10 PM

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Intwesting, vewy vewy intwesting!!!!!!

I am glad to see there is still some research being done, and it's all proving that this isn't all in our heads, we are not crazy. I knew I loved the Canadians for some reason. LOL
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Interesting study. Explains more than a few things, but one phrase caught my eye and pulled it back... "No healthy control subjects met these criteria." Not a single person could be found that fit their criteria??  I mean, what?? They were simply looking for clean living folk. I'd really like to know how many "normals" they tried to get into the study but that sounded freakin weak for a national study.

In any case, me and my shrinking brain are going to go back and re-read this for the fifth time and see if we can finally understand all of it. Geez this distracted thinking thing is just awesome!!  :emorant:

What I'm seeing here is that grey matter is our memories, emotions, physical control, you know... the stuff that makes us who we are... Sounds like the longer you have this, the more shrinkage you have. Not good, m'dudes. Not good.
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