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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Started by ronr, May 16, 2023, 06:13:59 PM

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Thanks Hollywood just your presence and kind words is helpful with all you have been going through it means so much when your in pain and you still try and support us! Thank you !


Just trying to keep up with post can be hard, lol  :insane:

I have a really high respect for first responders. Takes a special breed of person.

I wanted to be a paramedic, but I can't even watch someone get hurt on TV. I can handle my own broken bones or whatever. But for some reason when I see others I have to close my eyes.

Just a thought I don't like giving advice. Try to picture all the people you have saved. I understand,my
brain always seems to go to the bad stuff no matter how much good may be in my brain, the bad wins out. I wonder why that is? \,,,/
Stephen Michael Dirse


I think we do a lot of self judging I know I have been to hundreds of wrecks a tonne of fires and a smaller but still significant amount of medical calls even had to do CPR for half an hour on a friend and the ones that stick out are the ones we lost or the houses we couldn't save. It is strange because I know when I dig through my brain vault there is many great outcomes. Not everyone is wired right for it (or wrong it's perspective) You bring something to my world for what its worth :bighug:


QuoteYou bring something to my world for what its worth

Wow, you just made my week. I feel so useless. But to have someone that I respect as much as you, say that just brightens my day. ::sunshine::
Stephen Michael Dirse


A little post on Hope.... every day there are challenges and frustrations but like a glass whatever you fill your heart with will spill out! If you are filled with pain, sadness or depression it will spill the first time you are bumped into! If you try to fill your life with forgiveness, peace or joy in the big and small things then hopefully it will pour out from you. I know we can't control everything or how others will treat us but I hope I have poured a little of the love I feel for all of you into your life...


Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely!


Thank you, brother. This was exactly what I needed to focus on today. Helped me get through a rough patch. To say I owe you one would be to ignore all the other times you have lifted my spirits. :bighug:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



like I said, You're a good man. Thanks Looney \,,,/
Stephen Michael Dirse

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