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I have a couple of things

Started by Robby, June 06, 2023, 01:46:59 PM

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First I was introduced to this site by a friend, so I checked it out and BAMN. It's like an online wholesaler, they have a huge inventory, and I bought a hand held massager from them, I  had priced it at Walmart, and Sams, Target and a few others, it was somewhere between $55 and $60. I paid $12. The name is  Temu. Funny I know, but easy to remember. addy is . Couple thing to watch out for. First they do sell, uhm how do I say this, self-love devices, and have no problem putting them on the front page, be aware so your not surprised. The other thing is if you decide to make an account with TEMU, MAKE SURE you go into Settings, and set email offers (actually all subject) to the very lowest possible amount possible. A few days after signing up, I got 32 emails in one 24 hr period. Granted they were all, "you looked at this object, here's a $15 coupon (that's 62% off)". "We noticed you looked at this product, At 7pm Tue the 4th it will be includeed in a lightning deal, and will be marked down from $21.50, to $8.75, as all lightning deals, at 11pm the price starts to drop every hour on the hour until 7 am, or we sell out, I mean saving me money
will get you brownie points, but that many emails in one day is horrible.

Those of you that do the tennis ball between you and the wall, might want to look at this page

I'm going to cut this part short, or I'll still be typing it this time next year. Back in November I got new eyeglasses. I've always been night blind, and had trouble driving at night. Well sometime in December, or January, the problems I have at night, started happening during the day. I will see double (also happens when I'm on the pc, or watching TV), I scared myself one day, I was on a 4 lane road with a turn lane, if I wasn't running off the road, I was in the oncoming lane. My eye doc is on that road, so I stopped and explained to him what was going on, he decided that he had made my script too strong, trying to get around my astigmatism. So he gave me a new script, that wasn't hardly as strong. But after thinking about it, I really think Walmart vision gave me the wrong glasses. When I tried the frames on to start with, it fit great, the one I picked up 2 days later, is way too big, so taht could be the problem.

Anyway, I had already used all my insurance benefits back in November. So these new lenses/glasses was out of pocket. Walmart said new lenses for these glasses would be $150. But I hate these frames, this is a good excuse to get a new one. I checked a couple other places in town, couldn't afford any of that. Tried 11 or 12 online, and it was like for a complete pair of glasses it averaged $250. I was thinking of not getting my bifocal, and just going with single vision, as my bifocal was running over $100, because of the complexity. One site same price, but gave you a free pair, so that wouldn't be bad. Then I watched a video on YouTube, that was  sponsord by Zenni Eye-ware.   
( ).  I checked with them, and got a complete pair of glasses, including my bifocal and a pair of sun-glass clip on, and a yellow night driving clip on, for $101. I'll up date when they come in and fill you in on quality.

I know none of this has to do with fibro, but I thought if I could save someone some money that would be a help.
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Yup... I hear ya. Sounds like us, always trying to find things on discount so we can stretch out a buck. I'm now trying to go against my nature and avoid looking for things online until I have a need for them as we just can't afford to do anything but... I only wish facebook and all it's ilk will give me a moment's rest. So many adverts out there!!
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I had to take a look and found a dozen things I really thought would come in handy and then remembered I hadn't needed anything like them yet LOL Still interested but put my money away. Some really good prices but quality is probably questionable.


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