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Here we go again looking for drugs.

Started by Hollywood, August 13, 2023, 10:23:49 AM

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Well, last Wednesday I dropped 2mg on my pain pump. I'm going to drop 2mgs each time I see the doctor until it is finally empty and I can get it out.

For me it's just a waste because it isn't helping, I've had it in for five years.

But I'm going thru the same thing I did before I had the pump put in, trying to find painkillers. :emobadmod: 

The doctor wrote a script for 10/325 Percocet. Well, guess what No one has them.

I found out that my insurance mail-order pharmacy had Loritab in the same dose.

So my doctor sent the script to them. One person said no problem we will expedite them to you.

Then I get a call from the mail order pharmacy and they say they WON'T send them to me. :emorant:

no explanation, no nothing. So I am going thru the withdrawals without any pain meds. It's not fun. But what else can I do. I refuse to keep this pump in for 3 reasons. One it does not help with the pain after 5 years you become immune.

2. When I was in the Hospital the last few times screaming with 10 pain due to Ecoli, swollen intestines, prostate, and kidney problems where I was a septic blood infection. The doctors couldn't understand the pump is for chronic pain, not acute pain. I don't ever want to go thru that again.
3. The side effects of having this pump in for so long. It's screwing with my internal organs. I have to take pills for my prostate and kidneys. And the total lack of energy.

It would be nice if I could find the pills to take the edge off. I'm taking Motrin when the pain is too :an eyes popping:  much, but that is burning a hole in my stomach. The doctors in the hospital told me NO MORE NSAIDS.
ok, then what am I supposed to do? buy heroin on the street
Stephen Michael Dirse

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