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Family supports!

Started by looneylane, August 13, 2023, 12:00:14 PM

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I see how many of us have family or relationship problems and it breaks my heart. It hasn't always been good in my life I had a real hard time getting along at times. My siblings and I now are on the same page almost all the time, my dad has been battling severe health issues and so we sneakily booked flights out to see him including my wife and our sort of adopted sister so we head out east in October it is a secret so keep it on the down low.

   All that being said I wish we had cleared the air way sooner so many years lost to meaningless disagreements that I am sure still hurts each of us at times. All that being said we as fibro warriors need to support each other as best as possible we understand bits and pieces of each others battles. Here is to healing our relationships and a future where our pains can actually be treated and cared for by our dr's and families.


Stephen Michael Dirse


:an good post: You said it, brother! :clapping:

So cool to hear about the trip. That's fabulous.  :pals:
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I know me and Dawn have had some major problems in the past, hell I just go ahead and tell it, At one point the involvement of nerves where my back is broke, made sex impossible. She felt I just didn't want her anymore, and I was having an affair. I had to have a neurosurgeon explain to her what the truth was. Once we got past that, it hasn't been that hard. I get on her nerves, she gets on mine, we both ignore the problem because we know it goes back to the fibro, and other health issues. It's not something that needs to be discussed, like she will say something, and I will have to tell myself, "she did not mean it that way, you're just in a bad mood right now." She does the same.

Loony, I am glad you and your siblings have found a good place, I really am. I wish I could have a good relationship with my brother and sister, and I have tried, I have bent over backwards to make things work, but some of you understand the problem, and for the rest of you, let's just say they are the spawn of Satan. 
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