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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Started by AchinDude, April 18, 2009, 10:34:07 PM

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No kidding, I have never seen or heard of that commercial before, that's just to funny!!!

I am hoping that I will be well enought that we are able to go out with our 4 wheeler again. Last summer already we did not ride very much and then we did not ride at all through out the Winter (that was my fav. season) The Flare that I am in seems to only get worse it seems. But when I do have a day that we are able to go out riding, man it is ever alot of fun getting into the hills and valleys with my Sweetheart and our 4 Wheeler (Outty for short, short for Can-Am Outlander)

As far as being able to aford a 4 Wheeler like this, we sure would not be able to keep it if it was not for the AWESOME Freinds that decided to make the payments on the 4 wheeler for us untill we got back on our feet. That sure has been awesome and we have had her For Sale twice now and NO bits. My Wife (Can-Am Wifie) and I decided that we believe that the Good Lord must want us to keep it  :clapping:


Quote from: AchinDude on April 20, 2009, 09:23:30 PM
   The last time I tried to stop, anyone within 15-20 feet, put thier life in their own hands. 
EXACTLY. Same here.

QuoteI don't know the solution, but I do know that maybe if we all can set some realistic goals, there may be some hope, because we can help support each other with the fibro, and the "EVIL" side of us .......

I'm game.......... I need to quit.

A friend of mine quit by stop smoking in the living room, then the computer room (AGHHHHHHH) then the car, then he would only smoke outside, then he quit.

The problem is that I've gotta get it through my head that it IS my choice. Like others have said, I actually enjoy the stupid things. I realize that's a combination of things at work -- a "learned" habit/pleasure for example. Regardless... it exists.

I resent the fact of having to stop smoking. That's part of the ROOT of the problem. Like others have said, so much is taken from us. It's like one more thing being stolen. So somehow I guess I have to first shift my attitude from it being a thing taken AWAY as to something I do NOT WANT IN MY LIFE.

That's a huge paradigm shift right there. That may be the hardest obstacle in MY path...

Mostly I just associate resentment and LACK of choice with quitting smoking. I guess that's probably why I still smoke. ???

Countryboy -- you nailed it when you said
QuoteWhy is it that usually the x-smoker is the one that has the worst criticism and rudest remarks?  For some of us, the more nagging, the more stubborn we seem to get.
Back to the choice thing. And the rude remarks? Now who in the world would actually think those HELP ANYone or make a situation more productive?

Quote from: AchinDude on April 20, 2009, 09:23:30 PMMy Mother quit by carrying around raw green beans, she would twirl them, chew on them, and when it would get to her she would eat the green beans.   She did this with celery stalks, etc........
  (Lori, I lost my Mom to lung cancer too...)
Hilarious re the green beans. Good idea. I like it! Sam's or Wallyworld or one of those places also has big bags of frozen green beans. They aren't too bad to gnaw on either -- yes, I mean frozen! LOL

QuoteThe mere fact that you can't hardly go anywhere if you smoke, is almost incentive enough.......  I recently went to a doctors office, which was in a hospital, and the parking lot was at least two counties away.  I was sitting in MY car, smoking before I went in, and some dufus security gaurd tapped on my window and told me no smoking on hospital owned property.      All the nerve! :emorant:
See now THAT sh*t just p*sses me off & makes me want to smoke more. The whole can't smoke in places thing & now even in your own CAR? Fascist sh*t.

The incentive for me is, instead of stopping smoking, to not GO to places I can't smoke. I simply don't. (sound like I got a 'tude running there ya think? LOL!)

At least that's been my way in the past. I just would not support places like that with my money.

That said, I've been trying to learn to become a rabid non-smoker and HAVE been going to places where I can't... and have even gone out to eat with my dad & sister & sat in the non-smoking section... and didn't even HAVE a cigarette the whole time we were there. And I could've. Just would've had to walk over to the bar & light up.

But see? There ya go. Choice. For that tiny little period of time, I was able to CHOOSE to not smoke... it wasn't that someone was shoving the whole "NO SMOKING" thing in my face. I CHOSE it. And yeah. It was a fast meal.

But for me? It was a new experience. That's 2 meals with them that I actively chose to not smoke. Yeah. That's me you see patting me on the back. I'm very stubborn and this is just a HUGE ... thing.

Course I was desperate for a cigarette by the time I got back out to the car. But it doesn't matter. That proved that I COULD do it. If only for that short amount of time, I was able to take control back from the damn things.
(That would be a happy dance there! LOL)

QuoteSo maybe if we collect a bunch of successful techniques of things that just HELP.......   arm ourselves, and report in each day........

What do you guys thinK?

I'll go ahead and tell this......... but not long ago, I went to a cafe, and there sat this big guy, and I mean he had never suffered from the Mis-a-meal cramps either.......he had on a hat, and it said "If I can't smoke, I'm gonna fart!  Promise!"

HATS! THAT'S hilarious, Bob! Gross (LOL) but hilarious! I like it! ROTFLOL :lmao:

Re the e-cigs - forget who mentioned this... some folks I know have tried them & it's helped at least one of them to cut their number of cigs/daily rather dramatically. They've said that they take some getting used to but not so bad once you get used to them. I'm thinking on trying them too... I would've bought some this morning already but I got confused when I went to their website & finally ended up overwhelmed & left.

Re the motivation - I know lots of folks have successfully quit for other people or to get some reward. And if that works for you, FANTASTIC. Seriously. And yeah. You SHOULD be proud of yourself. I've known several folks for whom that worked!

For me, it didn't work. Maybe I'm just a huge, selfish *sshole or something but I finally concluded that I could only quit for me. And telling myself that I get "x" if I quit, it just didn't work for me. Didn't matter how much I wanted "x." Any other motivation simply hasn't worked -- I mean, trying to stop for other people or to get some reward. :(

The problem I've had with trying to taper off is that it just never works for me. It's more like a slow, torturous death. But I'm concerned about the result of suddenly stopping after being a 2-pk per day sort for so long... especially after what happened with YOU, BRPFan. It would truly suck to finally be able to quit smoking but to have it throw me into the flare of a lifetime that doesn't even end. It's way bad enough NOW thanks. ugh.

So that means the trying to taper off of them is really the only way to go to avoid the radical physical shock to the body.  :wacko:

Nicotine poisoning. I get that when I'm up too many days running. NOT a good feeling. Yeah. I don't think it's really good for you (LOL) ... but there IS a negative feedback sort of thing going there... kinda like the kids whose parents would catch them smoking & make them smoke until they puked or something & then the kids wouldn't want to pick the things up again (at least theoretically).


Quote from: augoldminer on April 19, 2009, 07:41:45 PM
anyone out there tried the e-cigarette.

i have been thinking of getting one just for the cities like burbank that i have to go through riding the train and bus to the VA. this is over 3 hours without.

I HAVE!!!! they have been a godsend for me.  I went from 3 1/2 packs to one every now and then, and I really don't care if I have one or not.  Wonderfull products, they seemed to help me with thething I like and need the most, the hands smoke, the warmth etc. 

There are many brands out there, and I'm not sure of any better or worse, I found a site that was decently priced for a starter kit, and offered a 30 daymoney back guarentee.  I have had a few problems with the batteries though, they don't like being dropped much... a problem for me with all the issues I deal with.... But the company replaced battereies no poblem :1115:

If you want to know more let me know I don't have any stakes in any site or company, really !  But I've been amazed with my response and I really do like smoking, and tried everything too.
Somewhere over the rainbow is understanding


i smoked for over 40 years, tried everything to quit. it finally took me waking up in the hospital, with a belly full of staples after surgery for colon cancer, and having to spend a week there not being able to smoke. when i got out i didn't have that urge to kill if i didn't get a cigarette. i wanted one but figured i had gone this long without one and now was a good time to quit. i was smoking 2 packs a day, so that's more than $10 a day i'm saving. i haven't had a smoke since sept. 1, 2008, don't know where all that "extra" money is. have no plans to start smoking again but still get that urge once in a while. i think the biggest thing that helped me quit was one word - CANCER. i got the message. i have no problem with anyone else wanting to smoke, that is their choice. we no longer smoke in my home or car. i do have a problem with all the laws passed to ban smoking. if some bars or restaurants were designated as "smoking", and were labeled as such, non-smokers would be warned before entering. if you don't like smoking, go somewhere else. as long as cigarettes are legally sold and taxed as high as they are, people should not have to go hide in a cave to smoke. if it didn't generate so much tax money and jobs they'd outlaw it.

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