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Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid

Started by ronr, April 24, 2009, 10:22:12 PM

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sweet . thanks

Oh and an FYI and heads up for everyone.

Keep a close eye on your "benefits" especially if you are getting anything aside from standard medicare.

I was getting "extra help" with my medications, and it dropped, well I was not notified.
And I had to refile this past month, so I lost 3 months and a half worth of benefits, and had to pay extra on my meds thinking it was some sort of deductable.

So I am going to and I suggest anyone else refile annually on the extra benefits you may be receiving, because it is like them telling you about them in the first place, when they stop them. It does not happen, so we have to unfortunately be proactive.




Yeah I found out the hard way!

They did not automatically send me a yearly application to save money!

So you have to be sure to get the applications & file them yearly yourself

So try to mark your calendar for when next years application is due

Good luck & stick with it!
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