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Here and not here

Started by tojo, April 28, 2009, 03:05:49 PM

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I just wanted to say hi and let y'all know that I miss chattin with you and I will try and be in more but I am working in the yard trying to get it cleaned up and it is taking a lot out of me. I have also had some appointments and it seems that after ridding the little bus all I can do is sleep after my big day out LOL

I will make it in when I can but know I would rather be there with y'all than sleeping off working in the yard or working in the yard.
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I forgot ToJo, if you get on a roll, and maybe get obessive compulsive about the yard thing, when you get finished, just head north for a few hours, until you hit Duncan, OK.

I just want you to know, I am concerned about you wanting to do yard work, and not having enough to do...........   I've got all sorts of weed eaters, gas, electric, rechargable, clippers, cutters, and things I don't even know what they do.....  I just put in a new seat on the riding lawnmower.......   I've even got a hammock still in the box, for resting up after the yard work, or thinking about yard work.

Now, I extend this kind offer, only if you get this burning yearning and obessive compuslive desire for yard work........  I feel like it would be a good thing on my part to at least make the offer.

:insane: :emocrazy: :laughbounce2: :lmao:

Now, serious.   take it slow, and do it in small slots of time, so you can recover.  i've got to do mine, but when I get in from work, the yard is the last thing on my mind.   So, this SUNDAY, it yard work, regardless.



No problem Bob, by the time I get this mess cleared I will be a seasoned pro in great physical shape. LOL Well hopefully in better shape than I am in now considering I have hardly done anything for three years or so.

Managed to do an hour or so this morning maybe 2 really was not watching. After several hours I managed to get out and do some more this evening for about an hour I think. I am gonna be dead tomorrow but that is OK I only have to get up at 6 to catch the little bus for a 10 am appointment with the counselor. I expect to and I guess hope to be able to do more on Thursday as I know there will be nothing left come tomorrow after the bus ride. Then on Friday I have a Doc appointment with a new Doc so that will take me out i am sure until late Saturday or ,maybe even Saturday.

I figure it will take all summer to get this place cleaned up enough that the city will not be threatening us. Even with help it is a huge undertaking, between all of the weeds, trees, brush and then the scrap metal, junk and trash not to even think about two small sheds that have caved in and a third that is not much better.

I figure I can come to your place early fall so I wont be able to stay long as I do not think I can get trained well enough to shovel snow LOL
one of Jesus' own


Be well brother.  Don't let the sive of the project overwhelm you (that's been my challenge of late). 

I think we're supposed to just look at the immediate problem and break it down into smaller chunks.  Of course when I tried it on a clutter problem I encountered a while back, I got in trouble for breaking our exer-cycle into smaller chunks.. Perhaps the use of a hammer was a poor choice.  :rotflmao:  Just kidding...

Keep smilin bro and we'll keep pouring prayers down on ya.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Tojo, I am glad to see you got some time from the city, I only wish I could be there to help you out. Foxgrove is right don't let the size of the project overwhelm you.

What I finally have done in my yard is to pick a corner and work out from there. This has kept me from trying to start in too many areas and helped me keep on task. It seems I can always do another foot or two before I go in.

If you have a lot of scrap metal you might call the local recycling yard. Out here they work with different people out of Mexico who come and collect what you have and split the profit with you. I see the Mexican trucks well over 100 miles away from the border so you may have something there. Commercial Metals is the big buyer here. Also check McAllen and Brownsville.

I'm sure everything will work out okay and my prayers are with you.



I have got good news ToJo.......

We don't get much snow at all anymore.......  if we do, it doesn't last very long at all.

NMDave had a very good idea.......  I had to clean out my garage last year, and i got some people to help me, and basically I gave them what they wanted, and got rid of the rest.   My biggest problem in the garage was me thinking "I think I will keep this, because I might need it some day!"   Yeah, RiGHT!   Stinkin' thinkin' is what that is........

(And lo..... I DID need most of it, after I'd either given it away or tossed it!   :-)       )

That worked for me........   I ended up not tying to kill myself anyway.



Well Todd, if I lived closer I'd lend you my two young strong sons to help you out! My wife did a great job on our yard this past monday, went from a jungle to a yard in one afternoon's time. Now are garden is mostly planted and the whole nine yards.

Hope you get your work done with little to no damage to yourself!!


just dont over do it tojo take it easy and slow

be well


Well Did not think I was over doing it on Wednesday but I guess I did and then did the whole short bus to the VA yesterday followed by going and visiting a new church with a friend of mine last night. I even played drums for about an hour after the service so i was really stupid. Slept from midnite last nite till around 8pm. Been up and chattin for a little while but still very tired so I know I will be going back to sleep before too long.

Other than no coughing I could be a flu patient LOL body hurts all over and the muscles feel burnt and shaky. I have a doc appointment at the VA tomorrow then the social security office to apply for a replacement card then i have to take the receipt for that to the housing authority. I am just really glad that my Dad is in and helping on the property so I will either be able to use the truck or he will take me. Don't know why but riding the little bus really takes it out of me.

Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts my friends and I will try and keep you up to date as I can.
one of Jesus' own


QuoteI did and then did the whole short bus to the VA yesterday followed by going and visiting a new church with a friend of mine last night. I even played drums for about an hour after the service

As I recently told a good friend of ours, sometimes it's worth it to loose all your spoons.  Congratulations brother, I bet it was a real blast.  Hold on to those memories and let them fuel your happiness.  Blessings on you brother.  That's wonderful news.  I am so very happy for you that you were able to get out and enjoy yourself.  WAHOO!!!!!!

My prayers go with you.  I'm just waking up in a whole world of pain the day after I lost all my spoons and marbles.  Last night was the Barbershop concert and while the video presentation we did didn't go off without a hitch, the evening was a smashing success and WE HAD FUN!!!!  Ain't that what loosing your marbles is all about.  :rotflmao:

Be well bro.  Rest and recouperate.  We have a lot more good memories to make and we'll need our strength to do it!!
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


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