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Summertime ChaTRooM schedule

Started by tojo, June 10, 2009, 07:12:40 PM

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Howdy guyz,

With summer here and all of us out doing things that we can't all winter i have decided to cut back on the days that the ChaTRooM is open. The new schedule for summer will be

Tuesday nights from 6pm central daylight time [ctd] till 8pm cdt
Thursdays from 6pm cdt closing at 8pm cdt

Come fall and winter when we crawl back into our caves I will be extending the days and the hours as needed.

I want to thank all of you who have been making the ChaTRooM a great place to make new friends, talk about problems and just share with each other.


ChatBoss LOL
[Bob's title not mine]
one of Jesus' own


Hey - its winter here, and we have all crawled into our little holes!!!!

Just kidding..............not a problem 'Chat Room Boss'  :laughing1:

I think you will find we all appreciate anytime we get in the chat room.

So you all enjoy those extra sunlight hours.  The rest of us will just bob along with you when the room is open.




You know if the Chat Room Boss allows me, I will have to join you guys this fall in that. Sounds kinda fun!


It is fun.. kind of wild, by the seat of your pants fun.  We try not to descend into Pythonesque humor but hey... we're only human. :rotfl:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Quote from: tojo on June 10, 2009, 07:12:40 PM

ChatBoss LOL
[Bob's title not mine]

Now I have this mental pic of Todd with the mirrored sun glasses like the "boss" on Cool hand Luke!  8)


Went through boot camp in the Navy wearing sunglasses the other guys really did not think it was fair. The company commander [drill sergeant] just called me Joe Cool, For those younuns that was a character that Snoopy did.
one of Jesus' own


when is chat time now? and how many hrs difference are you to Australian Eastern Summer Time?
........................  And GO SLOW..............  but surly.            :lmao:


Friday 11am your time Kangastu And Wednesday at 11am if my calculations are correct
one of Jesus' own

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