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calcium supplements

Started by Andrew Michael, July 29, 2009, 12:22:34 PM

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Andrew Michael

Ok.. I admit it.. I can't remember if I mentioned this in other posts.. ugh.. I used to have a steel trap mind. But anyway.. I found an article in the book Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford, that describes calcium with vitamin D supplements can aggravate pain symptoms. The idea was that the calcium would get as far as the muscle mass and not have the ability without magnesium supplements to push that calcium into the bone where its needed. The calcium instead will lay in the muscle mass and irritate the nerves. I was taking 600 mg combo of calcium and Vit D twice a day.  I took one tab at waking and the other at nite before bed. I would wake up in excrutiating pain! I stopped taking the calcium and I noticed I had less pain waking up in the morning. Believe me, its not a cure all.. but it was significant enough that I have stayed off the calcium until I see my doc next Monday and discuss this with him.  Ok.. thats my two cents..  8)//
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Interesting.  Let us know what your doc has to say on the subject.
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