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anyone else use capzasin?

Started by Randall, September 03, 2009, 03:26:12 PM

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My pain dr recommended trying it 3 yrs ago -it's made from the ingrediant in cayenne peppers.  Comes in red/ white boxes otc, cheap, lasts me 7-8 hrs usually.  Comes in patches or roll on container, similar to roll on deodorant.  It may take 3-5 days to feel the full effect.  If u put too much on, it burns, & u can wash off w/ soap & water.  Be careful if u touch it, to wash ur hands well, b/c if u touch ur eye w/ it... -well, let's just say u don't want to do that!

If u haven't tried it, I recommend it.  No side effects for me, unless I put too much on, & it burns a little.
Rockin Randall


I have tried capzasin and it puts me in a flare even with the lowest strength.

Then i can not wash it off for so reason. Oil based???
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I go through spells where I use it allot.  I try to target triggerpoints.  During the hotter months, it just is too hot to use comfortably though.

There are other products that are not quite as strong that you might use to start out with.  The cremes are cheap and last a long time.  Just make sure you have plenty of ice around it things get to hot.  Avoid the groin area, open wounds and other body openings. 

I use a q-tip to apply.  Good-luck.

db  :LOL:


Quote from: augoldminer on September 04, 2009, 12:29:17 AM
I have tried capzasin and it puts me in a flare even with the lowest strength.

Then i can not wash it off for so reason. Oil based???

Have u tried the patches?  They are lower strength than the roll on stuff.
Have u tried a stronger soap to wash it off?  Our equate liquid soap & water was all I've used.
Rockin Randall


Hmmmm...  capzasin... I wonder if you could use the roll on as a garnish. :laughing1:  (sorry.. I had to.. I love my spicy food!!)

I'm going to try to source some of this out here in Winnipeg today.  Hopefully my skin will tolerate this well..
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If u can get the capzasin patches, I'd try those first, as they are lower strength than the roll-on stuff.
Rockin Randall

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