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WORK & Fibro

Started by AchinDude, March 09, 2010, 01:04:02 AM

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Yes, work does seem to be the best alternative if you can manage it.  I am frustrated as hell because I want to do more but don't feel much satisfaction with what I do.  Mr. grumpy fits.  I also think the grinch is good for the holidays.

I did have a massive flare-up at work that took about 6 weeks to come out of.  If I didn't just shut down, I don't know how long it would have lasted.  It's been years and I seem to be slowly getting better but I try to make sure to take it easy so I don't have another major  :blowup:.   Small daily ones happen but they have been manageable.  It's hard, I'm not a type A person but I don't like to be this inactive.  I'm taking up bridge but with the fibrofog I probably will never be that good.

I always stayed away from the sleep meds.  My sleep was horrible, but I've ajusted to it over the 10+ years.  Still, I feel like the walking dead some days.

Hopefully I can get through another 10 years or so before the real retirement.  Not sure what I'll do then.  Probably rest.

db  :sleep1:


what's a type A person?


Quote from: gareth on May 05, 2010, 10:59:50 AM
what's a type A person?

A Type A personality is someone who puts more pressure on themselves than anyone else does. They are perfectionists who tend to look at something that they have done and focus on how much of it they perceive to be wrong rather than how much of it is right. They are their own worst critics and as a result are stressed out almost all of the time.


cool thanks - might have a look around at these people types!


pheww  thankfully I'm not a 'type A'   more like a type C  8)


Quote from: gareth on May 05, 2010, 10:59:50 AM
what's a type A person?

Have u ever heard the saying - there are 3 kinds of people: those who make things happen.  Those who watch things happen &  say: Did u see that?  & those who say, What just happened?
Well, type A people are the ones who make things happen (usually).

They tend to be more assertive & aggressive.  In my experience, some are assertive & aggressive in positive ways, & some just get on other people's nerves.


I am unfortunately type A! I can't stand to be late for anything (usually I'm 15 minutes early) I don't like to have things half done and I can't stand to fail! Type A's are "now now now" people. :) I have learned that a type A should never marry a type B! I am all the time trying to push my type B wife and kids out the door so they're not late!


I have been running a major appliance and air conditioning business since 1998.
It might be one of the worst jobs for someone with fibromyalgia.
Heavy lifting and pulling ie. refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers.
Prolonged time in odd postions. Alot of work on my knees.
Alot of driving. Working in seering heat in the summer sometimes in attics.
There is also alot of liability related to my profession because of working with electricity, plumbing, gas, refrigerant etc.
Some days when I am in a thick fibro fog I think how one mistake could burn down or flood someones house.
Its scary.
The one good thing is that I'm a one man show and can make my day flexible or take a day off when I am really sick.
I think about going back to school for something else but I have no memory and have no confidence I could learn or retain any totally new skills.
I don't even read anymore because the words jump around the page and I cant remeber what I just read 10 seconds ago. 


 :)   I have read that most people who have FM are class A people.  I was    lol             rwilli


I would think you would get fibro no matter what type of person you are unless it is stress related.  Now chronic myofascial pain might aggravate the type A's more than the other, simply because the more muscles you use, the more the CMP acts up.  It might also have something to do with Women being diagnosed more often, and men being  :emowall:, don't give in as easy.

Hard to know though.


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