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PLEASE - Do NOT "Resurrect" OLD Posts

Started by Lori, October 09, 2008, 03:01:35 PM

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If you are looking back through the posts and find a topic is something you wish to discuss ... make a new post about it instead of tacking on a reply to a thread that is, for all intents & purposes, dead.

Right now ... if you click on Reply and get a warning that the post you are considering posting to is OLD ... do not reply to it. That will be ANY post older than 120 days.

Instead ... start a new post ... with the same title if you want.

The old posts are being left there for reference purposes ONLY. Many have valuable information that is still useful. But please ... do not resurrect them.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!

[Note: I realize this is NOT an issue right at this moment.. but it will be... so hang with us and things will smooth out just fine. No worries my friends. Lori]

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