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Site on Yoga and Meditation...

Started by rwilli, November 12, 2008, 10:42:19 PM

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 I posted this in the newbies but thought it might get seen/saved here also. This is a great site for stretching and meditation. This should keep you busy for years to come. good luck.   Ron

  Ron could you pin this so it dosen't get lost, thanks



once again i thank you for your tireless links

i learn stuff i would not normally have the time to find on my own



Hi Ron,

I have done a little Yoga but the CMP in the neck region makes it difficult to do it sustainably.  I have two comments:

1.  Feldenkrais is easier for me to do without aggravating my trigger points.

2.  Is there any yoga techniques that uses trigger point release.  I have looking for ways to combine stretching with accupressure.  I've heard of a technique but can remember the name. 

just some thoughts,



 :) I looked around the site about Feld?? And couldn't really find any stretches being done. Mostly advertising. I would do what seems to be best for you. I don't think you can combine the two. Take time doing your stretches and then work on your TP's . I like to pull my head to one side and work on the other. TP's or just palpitating any hard muscle/tendon I can find. Then pull another way and do it some more.
  It will no doubt take awhile to do what you see in the pictures. It took me 20+ yrs. to touch my toes and even longer to put my hands on the ground. When I started I could get to about 6in from my knees.
  I am now spending 3-4 hrs a day on my face/jaw and neck areas. Both stretching and pushing on the hard places. Push till they, the bone,hard tendons muscles seem to soften. Then do it again the next day. You will slowly "hopefully" get it to go away. It seems to get easier each time.
This is your new career, over time is appreciated.  If you find any bumps on your skull push on them while pulling on your head. I know this makes little sense but just work with it. Experiment, you may come up with something new. :smile:   Ron               go slow


I guess I'm just greedy.  I feel like I need a special rehab center just for me.  Probably no one else would use it.


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