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Anyone ever heard of Sho-Tai ?

Started by BRPFan, August 02, 2011, 06:47:41 AM

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Interesting to be a new member and adding to a two year dead line of posts? ;) I Hope it really did help you but we get a lot of quacks and drop ins trying to either sell there "wares" or "pretend" supporters who have been helped but never show up again....


Believer, I'm very glad that this seems to have helped you.  Welcome to our little home away from home.

Before I go too far, I just have to explain something first off.  The way you "introduced" yourself kinda raised some hackles 'cause it's worded really closely to those "I want to sell you something" posts we loathe.  While I was very relieved to find out that you're not some faceless corporation trying to get rich quick off sick people, it did turn on all my alarm bells too.  Don't be put off.. we defend our members fiercely but gaining knowledge is our goal.

Unless I read your note incorrectly, you don't actually suffer from fibro.. these are all second hand accounts other than it making you feel better.  So, you obviously have a friend or family member who suffers from fibromyalgia.  I'm very interested in talking with your friend who has fibromyalgia to know what severity are their symptoms, what this did for them in the long run, and what other things they were doing to relieve their pain.

I actually live about 45 minutes from the inventor of Sho-Tai and I'd be very interested to have a first hand account of what this procedure did for them.  As I said in my first comment, I have been recommended to this place before but without actually talking to someone with my condition who has had good results with it, I remain un-convinced.. (and broke, but that's besides the point)

Would you be interested in sharing your experience with Sho-Tai.. what it really is from someone who's done it.. and what you experienced?  Knowing what is involved may reduce some of the scepticism and actually give us more than what we could glean from a few videos and the rest of the sketchy information that's out there.  I'd sure be interested in learning.
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