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Side sleeper pillow

Started by WolfSoul, December 29, 2011, 12:09:48 PM

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Yes, I'm kind of surprised how much I like it.  I have had problems getting comfortable ever since this stuff hit 11+ yrs ago.   Slowly I have learned how to manage it so the pillow is only one tool in my arsenal.  The easiest and maybe cheapest unless you include rest.  db  :bighug:


Side Sleeper pillows are best choice if you are habitually a side sleeper.  The Side sleeper pillow was very supportive and I actually liked the softness and texture...  You can get some  best  pillows for back sleepers from this site


Tojo - I looked up costco online for memory foam and several came up - densities, sizes, thickness.

My sis and I got ours from the costco store here.  It only carried one type, in twin for $100.  Thought it was 4", but may have been 3".  It's not the 'firm' but then we didn't want the firm.  The following is some of the before, and the now.

My sis says her knock off tempurpedic is too firm.  The bed is adjustable but her body still slid down, even with added props - not good for her GERD.  She hasn't slept on it for some time and gave the topper to my husband a few yrs back.

She wasn't partial on the pillow cause it was broken bits of memory foam.  She sleeps in a zero gravity chair with memory foam.

Her apt. manager also has a tempurpedic because of health issues.  He said it was too firm too.

Our Ironman Memory foam inversion table is way, way too firm.

I went from a bed with memory foam topper, to a cone chair (reflux), to zero gravity w/ memory foam.  I like the last best.  Big fluffy pillow in the dip, cover the length with that rubbery no slip shelf liner, then sheet covered mem foam.  I use the excess length of the foam bunched for neck support.  It's heaven for me.

Have yet to tack or secure anything - that's just xtra stuff - logical, but still xtra.   I will try a gooshier density foam next, and cut it wider to overlap the chair or throw the whole thing on it. 

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@mloved thanks for the info!
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