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Pain control by the foot

Started by carolinatom, December 03, 2008, 09:45:08 AM

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I have had one of those homedic messagers that thump you with two rubber heads for some time now. I have always had trouble using it on my neck and shoulders since you cannot relax and manipulate the massager at the same time. Lately I have found good relief just using the thumper on the soles of my feet. This seems to provide relief body wide some days. I generally work the arch and pad area and really go after any sore spots anywhere on my feet. I may be fooling myself but any relief is welcome.


you are not fooling yourself.  there is a big following of reflexology.  Supposedly, different parts of your foot control dfferent parts of the body.  The therapist will put steady pressure on certain points for up to 30 seconds.  It feels great.
This really sucks.


 :)  The idea behind reflexology is that the nerves end at the bottom of the foot. it is very big in Thailand. I have had it done when I had some time to waste as it is very cheap there.
  A part of the Thai massage works on the bottom of the foot also. I didn't feel any real relief but some who did it reguerally said they did. I was getting 3 hr massages regularly so the foot massage was an extra. Life as good back then. 
 Many of the things that I have found that helped me I have found through expermintation. So don't wait till someone tells you to do something. If you think it might help go for it. Just go slow.
 Some of the things that has really helped were the hard neck brace so I could press down with my chin and pull up on the tendons in the back of my neck that needed to stretch. After 10? years they finally stretched and then the rest of my neck muscles started to stretch also and things started to get much better later on. 
 A strap that is worn for tennis elbow for the tendons I had hurt at work. After 5-7 yrs I no longer had any arm pain.
 A special chair that looked like a "bucket seat". It finally let me sit down for more than a few minets for the first time in 30 yrs. 
 A chiropractor had me put a 1/2 in lift in one shoe to level my hips. After a few months he said I should take it out. It felt as though I should leave it in and about 5-6 years later a 2 in. piece of fascia broke free and let my hips finally go where they were supposed to and I finally could walk without a limp and had no more pain in my lower back.
 I think there has been more but most of the things that have really helped me I came up through expermentiing and doing what I felt was the right thing.     Ron


I still use reflexology on myself and my "lady fair" and believe in it BIG TIME!!  I learned mostly from books and a very gracious aunt who is a trained massage therapist. 

It is absolutely amazing the amount of relief that you can get from massaging the correct nerves.  If you get the chance to visit a professional reflexologist, go for it.  It's a heavenly experience.
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 :)  I have gotten away from using one much latly. But I used a heating pad all the time for years. Get one that is longer than the normal ones. Mine goes from my neck to below my shoulder blades. Just keep it on low so if you fall a sleep you will not blister your back as I did once.


Hey Rwilli

Where did you find a long heating pad at?? That's if ya remember.I have my regular one and the one in my vibrsting matt but they only cove a small spot.
one of Jesus' own


 :)    I can't remember now. But I remember having to look a few places. It is worth it. One of the larger drug stores I think.    Ron


Thermofore makes some long pads 14x27 for about 60 bucks at massage warehouse and are professional quality. I think you can find them cheaper.

Sunbeam makes a long soft cover pad you can spray with water and can set to not shut off for 25 to 30 bucks at Walgreens Walmart quit carrying them a couple of years ago. The cords on the sunbeams don't last long but they seem to have a good warranty.



Having the soles of the feet massaged sounds wonderful.  Only problem is getting to them when you are old, fat and stiff as a board.  (Body wise I am referring to).  :biggrin: :biggrin:

Seriously, my wife's cousin's aunt use to be into this type of treatment years ago before she passed away.  The cousin told us that it helped with many different problems that he had over the years.  Sounds good to me.


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Andrew Michael

I saw my dermatologist last week ( I have rosecea)  I mentioned that I had a callous on my right big toe but what she noticed was how dry the skin on my feet were. I told her I had considerable pain in my feet and that normally in the summer I never had the dry skin issue, she turned me on to Johnsons Foot Soak powder.. man oh man.. not only did it clear the dry skin but it actually relieved the pain. So now I have made this part of my weekly regimen.still get foot pain, but heck they look pretty darn good!!  Oh ya.. forgot to mention that I was told that I had peripheral artery disease.. which can be a major reason why I get pain in my feet...I told them to prove I have P.A.D. and did they?? Of course not... I swear you have to be two steps ahead of these doctors, I should know, I've worked with them for 35 yrs... :emocrazy:
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The Thais do what is called Reflexology, massaging of the feet. The idea being that all nerves end in the feet. It is a relaxing massage, done specially to relax the foot, but also, to work the organs of the body through the nerves that end up in the feet.   ron


I too went and bought a heating pad the other day and it's 12 x 19. I bought it at our local Shopper's Drug Mart and it has 5 setting and it's it also has a 2 hour automatic shut off feature so you can fall asleep with it on and you don't have to worry about getting blisters.

It also features Extra Sensing Power Technology and what this means is there is no "Hot Spots" like you get with some other heating pads. I have now used this heating pad for about 2 weeks now every day about 2-5 times a day mostely for all my Costo pain and I sure like it so far!


Quoteit also has a 2 hour automatic shut off feature

Ahhhhhh.. is THAT why my spare heating pad keeps shutting off.... Thank you for answering that rather odd happening.. I figured I was overheating the sucker.  :rotfl:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



 :emocrazy:reflexology is great. I myself am a certified reflexologist.  it never feels the same doing it yourself.  They do have the wooden sandals with stones covering them in certain reflex areas. They work great.

rev. Kurt :)


 :)  I brought out my Thumper last week. I sure can put a hurtin on myself but it is worth it. I have found that if it doesn't hurt it probably isn't helping. I look for places that hurt, and get to work on them.           ronw

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