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Product recommendations!

Started by WolfSoul, June 12, 2012, 02:02:39 PM

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The Bed Caddie $24.99 at walterdrake. com

With my bad back it is almost impossible for me to sit up in bed. So I got this to pull my fat ass up.  :biggrin: It's been a great help.  It is supposed to attach to the bed frame under the box springs, but I don't have the strength to lift anything, so I just put it around the foot of the bed and that is working well so far too.

Recliner Lever extender $24.99 at

I'm just too damn stiff to bend over and fight the lever of my recliner. (The damn thing likes to stick too!)
So I got the lever extender. It comes with it's own alan wrench and you just loosen, then tighten the screws over the handle. It has made a great difference! I have to sit with my feet up, or they will swell up! (Any of you have that problem?)  But now I can reach the recliner handle and pull up my legs with no problems.

Hope someone can find either of these ase useful as I have. 


I need to get one of those lever extenders. Great finds, thanks for the share.
one of Jesus' own


Looks handy I had a pole beside my bed for a long time. ( No pole dancing get your monds out of my gutter!) While I recovered from my broken neck.


Looks like a good idea but it would cut down on my exercising. Operating the LazyBoy accounts for about 50% of my exercising. I just need to find one that's left handed so I can stay balanced!

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