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Kobo Reader

Started by Zathras, June 17, 2012, 10:45:24 PM

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Tojo, if Calibre will read the Kindle file format (and I'm not sure if it will) it will load those titles into your Calibre library. As long as your e-reader is one of the brands that it supports the program will automatically convert the file into a format that your e-reader can open when you send the book to it.

I have downloaded some books that are in a format that my Kobo cannot open and the Calibre program has done this when I have sent them to it. Very user friendly program.


Thanks for the tip Z It seems that Calibre was able to read some of the kindle and convert them to a usable format. But on others there is something called DRM (digital restrictive media or something like that) and it will not allow you to use a kindle book with drm or any other book with drm except on the kindle device. It is sort of like you rent the book with restrictions instead of buying it. It is to restrict you from using it on any other device or sharing it with friends. Big pain in the butt if you ask me, used to be when you bought a book it was yours and if you wanted to lend it to someone when you were done no big deal, well amazon does not think so. There is all kinds of info about DRM on the web. Guess I will not be buying and amazon books till they get rid of DRM.
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That sounds like the Adobe version of ePub. That is what the local library uses and I cannot get the program to work with my reader, or at least I can't figure out how to get the program to send the file to my reader so that I can use it.

What gets me about the ebooks are the price they are asking. The publisher does not have to pay for paper, ink, the binding, the shipping, and all of the labor costs that come with these. So where do they get off charging as much as they do for these books? Huge rip off IMO.


That was the issue I had with the cost of e books.


Yeah me too, if I wanted to pay that much I want the book LOL I stick with the free ones as there are tons of them out there.
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