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Contaminated water at Camp LeJeune

Started by willie, April 02, 2013, 10:00:53 PM

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Anyone else here ever been stationed at Camp LeLeune between 1953 and 1885? It's quite possible we drank some nasty stuff that contaminated the wells on base. The wells were shut down in 1985 when they found out about the problem but they tried to hide any info about it until the last couple years. They have released a list of medical problems they will provide treatment for, but fibro is not one of them. (nor is my cancer). You can look up: "Camp LeJeune Historic Drinking Water" or "The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten" and get more info.

My head is still steaming trying to make any sense out of this. So far all I have gotten is a run-around. We were exposed to some nasty chemicals because the Marine Corps and other sources dumped them on the ground and contaminated the wells from which we drank, cooked our food in, and showered with. I'm not looking to blame anyone, I just want to know what they did to us and if this could be the cause of some of our problems. And can this be fixed? When we took our oath of enlistment, we ageed to many things, including giving our lives for our country, BUT WE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS!!! :blowup:


When i was in the navy we used pure  trichloroethylene (TCE)to clean parts and were told it was safe. (it replaced carbon tet as a cleaning agent for parts)
off Vietnam we had water rationing because our distillation plant could not keep up so we cleaned our bodies at the end of the day working in the engine room with TCE.

I still believe the Vietnam blue water navy guys that were close in(gun line.) have a mixed exposure of both TCE and agent orange.
and the carrier guys out at 50 to 200 miles its TCE exposure alone.

the DoD does not let TCE be used on military bases now and even contractors can not use any product containing TCE on a military base.

The navy base at China Kake even has spot checks of contractors work trucks for TCE. (my brother works as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for a contractor on base.

Even the VA has banned it from there system and do not allow it on there property except by special permission for lab use. 
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Don't forget, the VA care is supposed to extend to family members of those affected during that time at Camp Lejune, no money, but the VHA side is supposed to care for them medically.

A Refugee from the Peoples Republic of Minneeesootah, living on the Prairies of Eastern Montana.

God created Aircraft Mechanics so Pilots could have hero's too!


Based on my past experiences with the VA and VA doctors, I would not let them anywhere near any of my family members. They won't see me again either!


I'm sorry to hear about that. We are lucky here in Montana, and especially lucky with the Doc in Miles City.

A Refugee from the Peoples Republic of Minneeesootah, living on the Prairies of Eastern Montana.

God created Aircraft Mechanics so Pilots could have hero's too!

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