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Is it really that bad at just a few a day?

Started by HoosierTim, October 03, 2012, 06:58:35 AM

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I do smoke, but not that much.. Unless I'm in terrible pain. Hell, I used to smoke and run when I was a kid in the early 80's. Back then of course it was much more acceptable. My old doc back then told me that when he worked on Bodies at IU that people that smoked little had no worse lungs than those that worked in Factories.. ? He smoked, and yet told me as long as I smoked less than 10 cigs a day I was probably ok? What do you folks think? Another doc told me that he was totally wrong..


Stop smoking!!! I am a fireman and even though I wear scba I know every breath without it at a firescene I fill my cancer cup a little more.


I am still smoking and need to cut back down to about ten a day. Ever since the fire , dad's prostrate/cancer issues and now him wanting to move to Southern Ohio to be with his sister has had me in a mess and i am smoking way way to much. I really do not want to quit and probably never will but I would like to have it back under my control and not vice versa. Fibro has stolen everything else I liked in my life and I will not surrender my smokes. I mean sometimes the pain seems to lessen when I smoke. So little filtered cigars and regular cigars once in a while will remain in my life.
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Tojo, You and I think alike. That's why I smoke. It's one of the few things I have left. My buddy says it's one of my only friends, although it's killing me slowly probably. But, I like to smoke. I'm like you....I need to quit. Today got in huge fight with my fiancee's daughters husband. He's an Atlanta School cop, and he and I about came to fist a cuffs I thought for a minute. I've never met him but twice, but he thinks I'm faking my illness to I don't have to work. What kind of nonsense is that. I was shocked he even confronted me. I wasn't especting it. Man, days are bad enough with this illness, but then having to deal with an idiot makes it even worse. He coudln't keep up with me long enough to kiss my ass if he were this sick.. Jackass.. LOL..
Ok. I've vented now.. LOL. Man, I was shaking I was so mad, and I get along with everyone. What a day.. Back in Indiana though. Just two more days to see the good doc! My real pain doc in Indy. Thank you god!    :insane:


Well that certainly sucked, Tim.  He sounds like a jerk.  I hope your fiancee was supportive!  Good luck in Indy with your doc!


Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
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Thank you so much. It was terrible. The weakness is awful today, but one more day.. I go to the doc in the AM. It sucks being so weak. I just took my Lyrica, and I hate it. It's a beautiful Hoosier Fall Day. Leaves are just starting to turn. It's sunny and about 65 degree's I would guess, with little humidity. I slept good for the little amount of time I did sleep.

Quote from: jaiser on October 04, 2012, 06:28:01 AM
Well that certainly sucked, Tim.  He sounds like a jerk.  I hope your fiancee was supportive!  Good luck in Indy with your doc!

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