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9 years and here we go again

Started by pizzaman242, October 17, 2012, 08:02:09 PM

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old boy

Good news!  I watched this program tonight and it was called"weed III" or something and amongst the other things marijuana is good for,they have found strong evidence that it is 😊 great for PTSD and Alzheimer! Yes, Alzheimer disease,some how it lubricates the bloods pathways in the brain and prevents the plague build up that causes the brains problems.

.     Also,senators Kirsten Gillibaun, Ron Paul and another senator are going to introduce to Congress a bill for taking marijuana from schedule III drug 💊 to schedule II.  Thus, allowing more experimental research and development. Plus,making the right to all states allowing for the using of medical marijuana! 

.   It's been about ten years ago,that that county mental health worker,Ann Marie Mills, came charging out of her office,screamed in my face what a dirt bag I was for using for the purpose of fibromyalgia suffering and chronic fatigue syndrome and the package that goes with it,depression and anxiety just to name a couple. Looking back how her hatred and prejudice,puts me so far behind and all the extra years of suffering that she caused me. How much the " good old gal" club protected her rights and squashed mine as a drug seeker and" oh, he's got mental problems" that's why he's seeing the county mental health workers for help. He's got no rights,he's a second class citizen. He's nothing more than a burden on society... He's doing nothing to earn his own life...

.    How hateful that experience was with the county and then the state mental health agency I reported her abuse to.  Looking for the light at the end of a long tunnel guys. It's not going to make us a whole"productive members of society" but again maybe it will for some. But I know 😊 from past experience,it will be much better than using the opiates,they have provided for me,after the Ms mills illegally cancelled my prescription for merinol. God bless 😊

old boy

 :giveup: :blue thumbs up: :jawdrop:

.      Ships ahoy....gentlemen...."Off the streets and into the medicine cabinet!" Pennsylvania is putting it on the ballot for tomorrow or sending it through the Penn state congress and the media is predicted that it is going to pass and the governor will sign!

.  Another state allows users who are in pain and suffering anxiety or depression to have access to natural resources of marijuana.   

.     How many people who watch the people's music 🎶 awards last night,heard the song 🎶 about the doctors over prescribed for anxiety and pain...."Over prescribed" put the whole blame on the doctors... Hey 🙋 sorry...some people need the medication for pain and anxiety.  No matter what. What about the escapees' taking responsibility for their own personal behavior of drug 💊 use for self medication or escape from reality. Sing 🎤 a song 🎶 about their experiences with life,that they are melting down the 80 mg oxicontin and shooting it into their own bodies with needles. These people have a problem. They need help. In Spain or Portugal they have public vending machine for getting needles and a blue light in the bathroom 🚽,so that the junkies can see that vein better. True story. Not sure about the county,but the country is having an epidemic of unemployment for it's youths. Idle hand ✋ are the home for the devil?  A large number of the boredom without any work and the energy of youths,some went to drugs 💊.

.      It's said that this"openness" for the user and interventions have been successful in lowering the total number of users. This program helped some youth to invest the same money 💵 used in drug 💊 prevention programs to start new business opportunities. Amen

old boy

 old man w-cane

.       My Ph.D. daughter is home and taking a break from her studies.... Great having her home 🏠 don't get to see her often,she's either studying 🏫 in Germany or setting up refugee camps in Africa. Busy lady,Does herself great honor.

.    I asked what she reads from the European news papers about America!  She's said that it's mainly about the shootings and the herion epidemic of American citizens. But she's telling me that they have a great problem with cocaine in Europe . Coming from Africa route through Egypt and Syria... Mankind always searching for the high
..... It's in the bible,seak and you shall find....

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