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Cesamet (Nabilone) vs Old School MJ

Started by Catie, February 19, 2013, 09:22:38 AM

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Yeah, I've heard that vaping is by far the most effective for fast relief and I hear it's quite safe.  Of course, my luck and I'd be totally couch locked on my first whiff.. I'm the guy who couldn't sniff wine corks when I was a kid without getting a buzz.  That said... lower pain would be a real blessing if it could be done safely and legally.  Cheers to those of you who find it helps with the pain.  :clapping:
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I agree with both of you, Looney and Fox. It's a balancing act with dosage. If I'm in a huge flair, couch lock is just fine as the mj cuts the majority of the pain. For the "usual" pain, just a few (2-3) draws on the vaporizer eases the pain without the  :insane:.

It also depends on the strain of mj. When I first started, I figured it'd be like it was in high school (yeah, I was one of those kids...). But oh no! It's science, man! There are strains to help with pain that are more "couch locky" (the indicas) and strains for pain that kinda uplift the user (sativas). And then there are indica-sativa hybrids. It's seriously like a pharmacy! Anxiety issues? Use this one. Insomnia? Try this. The dispensary I use requires their suppliers to pay for gas chromatography testing to prove quality and the "helpers" (I forget the actual term they use) at the dispensary are so educated in the field (no pun intended) that I was blown away.

Of course, everyone is affected differently. For me, Looney, alcohol is the bad mixer. Bad, stupid things happen if/when I drink.  :yikes:

Whether you partake or not, if you've got some time and want a bit of amusement check out If you're like me, you'll be amazed at how far things have come since we were teenagers.


Have you considered that the reason he is having to smoke so much per month is because you're using one strain?  Are you using only one strain?  Do you know enough about what you are being provided to know that kind of information? 

I've been doing a lot of research on this topic, as I'd like to open a dispensary when it becomes legalized in my state (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!).  My understanding so far, is that if you continually smoke one particular strain, you begin to become more and more attenuated to the effects of it.  A number of dispensary folk have suggested keeping a number of different strains around so as to not become quite to "used" to one particular strain. 

I know nuthin.... nuthin...

If I'm wrong about this... you can blame foxgrove.  We'll just say it was his fault. (j/k friend, j/k)  :LOL:
Hurting sucks.


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Lonesome George

To add to this discussion, my daughetr in law's father had Lupus in a bad way. The doctors gave him opioids to control the pain, which he soon became addicted to.  He knew he was addicted, and tried to quit by going to a state clinic. They gave him Methadone, which is worse than the opioids he was addictided to.

He went to the Methadone clinic every day to try to get off the opioids.  He had been going for a while when he mistakenly took one dose too many of Methadone.  He did not commit suicide, and I do not believe to this day he commited suicide.  He had an almost two year old grandaughter he adored, and a just newborn grandson he was crazy about. He was in pain, but was the happiest he had been in years. He died on Fathers Day.

Not only are the pain meds the doctors are handing out like Chicklets killing us, but the supposed cure for the addiction is worse than the pain meds.  His cause of death was ruled as a Methadone OD.  He would have never intentionally OD'ed on Methadone.  He was the happiest he had been in years, and was thrilled with the birth of his first grandson.

Don't blindly trust the doctors and pain clinics.  They have a financial intrest in how many drugs you take.  Research and try OTC drugs and see what works best for you.  It's your life, don't let anyone else rule it, or end it.  Research for yourself and make your decisions. Don't be bullied into taking something you don't want to take, or don't know what the deadly side effects are.



I have no idea what strains or anything. I know his dad gets a hold of specific strains, but they stuff they smoke is super expensive and his dad isn't known to share well...

My brother gets a supply from his friend just over the line in Michigan (where his friend has his green card) and we just use them because it's helping my brother's friend (it's his side job) and it's conveniently delivered to our door, with no shadiness of meeting someone in parking lot or something creepy.

I'm not sure if Dan and my brother have talked about strains or not, but I don't have a clue lol.
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I would highly recommend finding out what particular strains he is currently being administered as different strains can have HIGHLY dispirate effects on the mind/body. 

I too would recommend that to log and detail how different strains affect your husband.  Apparently, some of the diesel strains work well for fibromyalgia.  If you need more information, I'm always happy to help.  I'm sure jaiser would help, too.  Right, jaiser?

The great news with cannabis is, no matter how much you try or how much you smoke, you essentially are incapable of overdosing.  Recent information regarding overdoses on marijuana find that in order for it to become lethal, you would have to smoke the equivalent of 1500 pounds of marijuana in a 15 minute span. 

[/soapbox/] And yet, we sell drinks to children that can kill them in one fell swoop without a single regulation around them.  For shame.  [/soapbox]
Hurting sucks.

Old Gypsy Soul

Curious to know if Nabilone has a hang-over effect on anyone? -It does for me.

I've only had 2 dosages of this  med,and each morning it has the same effect.

I am however on opioid pain meds,as well as Lorazepam and Seroquel(long acting),so this may have some baring on why I feel like I tide one over the night before.
Before you say it,it's NOT the Seroquel,I've been on it so long it no longer has that effect on me.

Thanks in Advance.

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If you just started on it, give it time. I remember the first time I took it I got my bum handed to me... it may be the same thing you're experiencing.  It went away really quickly.  2mg in one dose sounds pretty high for a starting dose.  I went up[/u] to 1mg over a month!!  Tried 2mg at a time and it never gave me any better relief so we went back down.  Your best bet it to give it a week or so and then talk it over with your doctor if you've had no normalization of the symptoms.

I hope it works well for you GypsySoul.  Keep us in the loop.  :bighug:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



I know a guy that's trying mushrooms.
He says it's spetacular for pain relief.

It is what it is...

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