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30 hours with out a cigarette GRRRRR I am a grouch right now....

Started by Joeopps, March 13, 2013, 05:41:37 AM

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I have survived a lot. but this is tough. I have quite before, well I went through the motions before, but always went back. I tried the e-cig. i do not find it enjoyable. I have tried the patches, just don't do anything. So cold turkey it is. 30 hours and no one has hung me out on the yard arm so, so far so good.

Of all the things I have done and tried through my years I wish I never picked these damn things ups. The worst is that I enjoyed smoking. and I miss it already.

But when the doc listen to my lungs and gave my wife a funny look and tells me that i do not have an infection that kind of grabbed my attention that it is time.


   Hi Joe    Good luck, when strong urges occur, get up and go into an other room (or environment)                                          and things can change.   You can change your shirt, change your mind, and skip that smoke.
Then repeat a few thousand times.    >> Quitting was THE best thing I ever did for my body<<
You can feel the benefits in a few days.  Stay vigilant, success is waiting.
 Have you considered hypnosis and or meditation?  It may not work, but it can't hurt.


   I recall when I stopped smoking, it was difficult and I know what you are going through. I did a lot of research to see which method would be the most painless and it came down to cold turkey. Otherwise it seemed that I was trying to replace it with something else.
   Recalling, one of the best things that helped me get through the strong craving was when it happened I inhaled deeply as if I was inhaling the cigarette. I did that a few times and that seemed to help. That was one of the things I found on the net that helped.
   I know the challenge and you seem to have the desire so keep up the good work. It is all worth it at the end. Health wise and financially.


:great:  I'm so proud of you brother..  I'm so happy that you've decided to quit.  I know you'll love the results in a short time.  I'll be sure to be praying about this that you would have the strength to get through it successfully.  Be strong brother.. the cigs can't hang on for long.  :budy:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



appreciate it everyone. My problem is I actually enjoyed smoking. I didnt smoke like three packs a day. Mainly a half pack a day, less on less stressfull days. I really didnt want to quit but the doc's look at my wife told me another story. ;-/ omg I am so miserable.....


Quitting is one of the best and hardest things I have ever done. I went through a program sponsored by the city of Los Angeles. The great thing about this program was they never hit with how bad it was for you, they showed you how much money the industry was making off you and how they advertised to keep you smoking. That alone made me never want to smoke again. By the way, my crutches were trail mix and a hand grip ball. Good luck, I hope you get through this.

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