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Fibro Track

Started by Bob, April 14, 2013, 02:31:40 PM

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Does anyone use the "Fibro Track"  Online Fibromyalgia Management System?  I have been looking into it and wondered if it was worth the money or if it was just another way to lose the small supply I currently have!

what are your opinions regarding the tracking of your fibro symptoms?  I actually read a response from a Doc on that suggested you NOT track your own symptoms. 

If you think tracking is good do you have advice as to what to use to do this?  I am, like everyone else, limited on funds so, would like to know if there is a good free option out there.




I use to be a developer in another life. I have in the back of my mind to develop a medical journal for IOS devices. It's in the back of my mind but with you asking these questions, then perhaps its time that I take it more seriously......


I have used fibro track in the past.  I can honestly tell you that it doesn't really stack up all that well against Smart Diary Suite but I can't seem to remember how much it cost me to use Fibro Track.. it was on a promo if I remember correctly.  Smart Diary Suite medical isn't cheap but it's a darned sight better at tracking fibro needs and you can customize it to your hearts content, adding in new things to track and stuff. 

There are other things you can track on SDS as well but I generally focus on the fibro specific things so I can better tell if there is something new that's increasing or decreasing my pain.  It even catches trends to help you look for something else to persue..

Tracking your symptoms is most critical when you are trying a new med or changing dosages but if you haven't gotten a baseline before you start, how can you tell whether the change is the med.  Know what I mean...

OK.. heads not working good.  gonna leave it at that.. question away.
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