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Admins and Mods. Why we do what we do!

Started by pizzaman242, August 13, 2013, 10:04:17 PM

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Being a MOD or admin can be a thank less job.  I am an Admin on a sports card BB and it can be at times, very trying. 


I am an admin for a few facebook groups. One for University and one for search and rescue both are small groups less than 40 and arent to bad to handle I couldn't imagine doing it for all of us.



Bob? is that really you? Your ears must have been burning. I mentioned that on my way up to North East Kansas to see my first Grandson born that I went through Duncan and had wished I had an address or a phone number so I could have gotten a hold of you. I took all kinds of back roads up from San Antonio so that led me in your direction. I sure would have to popped in or have met you for some coffee, my treat of course! ;) Send me a pm so I know how to get in touch if I head back the same way when I head home. It sure is too see you back here in our hollowed halls my friend. :)
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