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How About Those Dodgers!

Started by Lucky1, August 14, 2013, 09:15:14 AM

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They must have forgotten how to loose,   39 Wins 8 Losses.     I have never seen anything like it!       
     I am amazed, and speechless. 


Well.. if you're a Dodgers fan, more power to ya!!! :clapping:  If you're not.. oh well.. the season isn't over yet!  ;)
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Well , I am a native of L.A., who has waited for decades for another World Series victory.
     UPDATE, 41 wins & 8 losses, that's a HOT streak!

Old Crab

Sorry guys, I am a 49er, Raider, A's and Giant fan. I am also a fan of any team that beats the Cowboys, Yankees, and those thrice damned Dodgers!
Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
I need a hug!


If you live in the Bay Area you can't be a Giants AND a Dodger fan,, can you ??

By the way, the have an 8.5 game lead, hehe!                             
               8/22 Make it a 9.5 game lead!  Dodgers win agin after a big 2 game loosing streak.


GO Dodgers, I need the entertainment.   I sure am going to miss Vin Scully, I have heard his voice since I was a kid, so very long ago.


1 for 16 with runners in scoring position?  The Dodger bats have turned to ice.  If they can't win tonight ( they will be 0 and 3) the season is done.    It is hard to win a game if you don't score 1 run, almost impossible.


2 no hitters in 3 weeks, 2 out of 22 grand total (all time) the Dodgers have some strong pitching.
     June 19 only 4 games back. old man w-cane


LOL I totally missed that there is a game..


Born and raiser bay area boy...

Raiders and giants
-old punks don't die, they just cash in.


Quote from: Lucky1 on June 19, 2014, 06:08:37 PM
2 no hitters in 3 weeks, 2 out of 22 grand total (all time) the Dodgers have some strong pitching.
     June 19 only 4 games back. old man w-cane

Still hope for the pennant!!  We're cheering up here too bro!!  :clapping:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Blue jays for baseball, Saskatchewan Roughriders for CFL, Canucks are my fave team but they choke as soon as the golf courses open...

Lonesome George

Dodgers, is that people that won't buy Dodge products?  I have to admit that I'm a Ford man, but I also have a Dodge truck along with my Ford truck.  So I guess I'm not a Dodger since I have a Dodge, or am I a Dodger since I have a Dodge, maybe I am a Fordger since I have both?  You are talking about trucks aren't you?  If not, what are the Dodgers you are speaking of?

Could you be talking about Dodge Ball, or it that even an acceptiable sport now with the "sensitive people" that are around these days that could not accept someone getting hit with a ball? I do know that Dodge Ball can hurt since I have been in a game or two in my youth.  Of course that was back when my teacher in school had a piano in our room, and we sang childrens hymns, read the Bible, and prayed, along with saying the Pledge of Allegiance before we started school studies every day.

Oh wait, I think I have heard of a baseball team called the Dodgers.  I heard they were called that because they try to dodge playing the Braves as much as they


That's a great example Lonesome George.
      Great pitching does not equal World series victories! Just ask Bobby Cox,   Bobby Cox and his Atlanta Braves had the best pitching staff in baseball for over a decade no doubt about it.
Three or four of them will be in the Hall of Fame someday.
   Bobby Cox will probably NOT make it to the Hall of Fame. He lost four of five World Series appearances in the 90's.
The Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966, after 47 years in Atlanta they have won ONE World series victory!
To be fair they have three World Series victories.  One of which I remember,                                                                 1.) 1914 Boston Braves    2.) 1957 Milwaukee Braves.  3.) 1995 Atlanta Braves
That is 100 years of the Braves history, three World Series victories, far better than the Chicago Cubs!
       The Brooklyn Dodgers came into existence in 1932.  The Dodgers have a total of six World Series victories total.
They moved to Los Angeles in 1958  They have won the World Series five times in 55 years, looks like number 6 in L.A. may be on the way.
  Atlanta Braves Winning the World Series .021 pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series .092 pct.

Lonesome George

Yes, Bobby Cox had awsome teams in the 90's, but he also had a great wat oy snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.  He would leave a pitcher in way too long when it was obivious they were off their game, especially his closers.  I've seen the other teams winning run walked in with bases loaded with all walks several times.

His lineups didn't make a lot of sense many times.  You could almost guarantee the first three batters were at least 2 outs of the 3. Many times 3 for 3.  He tried stealing too much with great opposing pitchers on the mound also.

I really liked Tommy Lasorda.  He always gave the Braves a hard time.


What about the Mariners and Seahawks.  Always nice to stay fairly close to home.  I guess 300 miles is close for some of us.   ;) ;) ;)

AND MOST FOOLS DO.   'Benjamin Franklin'

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