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Cream Cheese Eggs and "The Blonde"

Started by SBOwFibro, September 24, 2013, 08:17:48 AM

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This is a simple recipe, but unique and has a funny story:

When my sister was younger, we meanly called her the ditzy blonde, because some of the stuff she would do. Like putting two bags of popcorn in the microwave because "twice the popcorn in half the time, right?" (The answer is no, in case you are wondering.)

Well one day she served us scrambled eggs. They were different, but good. We asked her how she made them.

"Well we were out of regular cheese, so I thought, cream cheese is cheese, right?" (The answer is no, in case you are wondering.)

*But* it was really good. So here is a recipe replicating the fortunate mistake:

Take a generous tablespoon per egg, or 4+ tablespoons of cream cheese, put in mixing bowl and microwave for 15 seconds to soften.
Take 4 eggs, crack into a mixing bowl.
Whisk vigorously with a whip, whisk, or fork. There will be some lumpiness but this is okay. They will melt later.
Scramble as you normally would, adding salt and pepper to taste.
Don't expect them to cook to a dry state. The melting cream cheese will make the eggs look glossy. Go by time/texture to estimate when they are cooked enough.
Serve hot and enjoy.

Note: Do more or less eggs with the rough ratio of one tablespoon of cream cheese per egg. Use the markings on a stick of butter to estimate what a tablespoon blob looks like. It doesn't have to be exact at all and you may decide you prefer more or less.

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Quel bizarre... but then again, the rubber tire was invented by leaving a rubber curing machine on overnight so why not experiment... You might just out do Julia Child!!  {I know.. perish the though.. and who's this Julia Child anyways..  :lmao:}
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Kind of reminds me of an old Gene Tracy joke.  lol

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