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Great cream that actually works

Started by Robby, December 19, 2013, 12:56:04 PM

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My folks had a ton of this stuff when I moved Mom out of her place.  Tried it and it really works for me.

So far so good with the Vaseline trial in the ear.  A very small bit on a q-tip otherwise I get too much and it starts packing in.  Never thought of using the Eucerin in the ear but it might work too.
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It is pretty well my go to and has caused the least amount of bad reactions in my family of any cream. I still have a tub from 2006 that works great.


I know that I have had the something tickling/itching me ear thing back for a while now and I am wondering if one of the head meds they took me off of was responsible for it going away. Have had the tweezers out again till the point of blood looking for that invisible hair that is trying to finish driving me crazy.

I think I remember rwillie telling me to try the cortisone like stuff with the pain nummer in it. GOing to have to go and get some soon as my poor ear is starting to get in pretty bad shape.
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The cure all for ears is a bit of castor oil on a Q-tip. When my ears start to act up I use twice a day for about a week and any problems disappear. Being a fairly light oil there is no build up. My GP has had me using Eucerin for my other dry skin problems. He told me to be sure and use the original moisturizing creme in the jar. It has worked well and now Walmart has their own version at a much lower price.


Actually, that eucerin cream is amazing!!  Thank you so much looney and Ron.  :budy:  The itch is really under control.  

Still working on something to stop my head from itching.. Bob's idea of using Aspirin in water sprayed on hasn't seemed to do the trick but it sure was a good idea.  Apparently works wonders for dandruff.  This seems more like skin overgrowth.  Consider me puzzled but I'll take my victories one at a time and be happy as a pig in poo!!  :biggrin:
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I got the eucarin when I was at Depot....that didn't work out...

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