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Twenty years of support!

Started by looneylane, March 19, 2014, 09:38:26 AM

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My wife and I celebrate twenty years of marriage today. She likes to say we have gone through all the vows but the til death do you part bit! She also says she is in no hurry for that part LOL  :insane: I thank God for such an awesome understanding compassionate woman in my life.!!!! :biggrin:


Congrats you two!! :clapping:  That's simply marvellous!!!  You've got an amazing leading lady there brother.  Hang on tight and never ever let go.  :bighug:

Please pass on hugs to your sweet as well.  It's truly a team effort to make a marriage work.  It just won't work when only one partner hangs on.  Congrats to you both.

Wave Crowd :groupwave: Wave Crowd :groupwave:
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Congrats you two!! :clapping:   big big  :smiley praying: for you both keep hold of your sweet she a good one.  Wave Crowd :groupwave: Wave Crowd :groupwave: :band: :toot: anim thumbs up
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Miracles do happen.  :LOL:

Congratulations !!!
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Thanks everyone it was awesome. really run down right now but tomorrow is another day.

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