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Fibro Fog/memory issues

Started by tormented, June 03, 2014, 01:50:54 PM

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 Has anyone tried an elimination diet? My memory was worse before my restrictive diet. It isn't 100%, but I can actually find those elusive words and complete a whole sentence...

  I seem to suffer more cognitive impairments with gluten, not gonna retest it a 3rd time though :blowup:

old boy

        Me,I've become overwhelmed with the memory problems. Granted a part was the medication,so I dropped everything,except 400mg lyrica. 8mg Suboxone a day. Forcing myself to eat something. I have no appetite.  I'm called the man who never sleeps, and that's the biggest reason for.memory and recalls loss.
.      There's a name for fibromyalgia suffers who can't do math, don't remember,of coarse,I have it. Wrote check s until the bank sent the overdrawn notice. They charged up to seventy five dollars once for a returned check. I talked about my fibromyalgia with a bank representative. , they didn't care.
.        I now am trying to type reminders into my hand iPhone, apps are available for diary keeping,notes keeping and I use ,if I have energy enough to use, it's hard work,try explaining that you're to tiresome to do this. I'm amazed thinking back how I worked two jobs, went to night college and raised the daughters as a single dad!
.    Where did it go, ? I awoke this morning so tired I didn't think I could get out of bed, couldn't make coffee (to tired) thought if I forced a breakfast,I'd get energy.
.         I don't think I remember what point I was gonna make. I guess you have to learn what works for you! Reading this forum helps me, it's a. Group therapy session. Letting me know I'm not alone,not everyone has it more together than me, some are just as dysfunctional mentally challenged as I . With a good group keeping us all in prayer. O e day at a time.    Riding my bicycle is esier than walking,I need to exercise, can't spend my life in bed.

old boy

     :emowall:   this "Brain fog/memory issues was just posted the other day!  we were given a post md , or something to go to and its the same information noted in this thread.  We are as individual as a fibr-pain ,fibro-fog and chonic fatigue effects us all different!  its like we have to have individual trainers.  You all who followed my thread with the story with the problems I have explaining my situation to the county mental health workers, I was banging my head against the wall.. I begged them to look at this site and read the stories and read the descriptions, Not a one would simply go there, even though there on the desk would set a blinking evil eye , blinking ,blinking all the while I was speaking. Please just look, I don't have the capability to explain, no short term memory, no recall, blanks. I said the Mens Fibro. forum explaines it best. One female psychologist took off in the direction I had a problem dealing with and communicating with females ,because I said "mens fibro group"  Unbelievable.  .....she literally beat me into a stress induced pain attack and then cruelly made me explain that. Unreal the pain she caused me . . How rude. I have never met such a group of inconsiderate counselers. 

       Again I begged to have my self tape recorded, some of you might remember the trouble I had a few months back. I begged her , I said please you can have all cdredit for starting a new form of therapy, as famous as the Freuds couch.  These egotistical phd. I said humbly are eight or twelve years of college, the way I humbley explain ,could be simple mis interpreted by you masters or phds.  If we record my sessions and review biweekly to be sure we are on the same track. they are afraid of law suits. she had a copy of my interview with another mental health agency that I wanted her to copy for me, there was a copier in the office. She firmly and angerly refused. I begged its my report , I signed the release for two weeks earlier. these professionals have a temper. she was some hot. I can imagine the fabrication she wrote up on me that day .   But you guys were right,            nys law says two people can be recorded as long as one is aware of the recording. Explain that to the county workers her in Delaware county. NYS  :emorant: :emocurse: :emomad2:They get so angry, I was threateded to be thrown into jail even! I went to NAMI and they pushed me out of th interview and talked about their kids growth since last years company picnic. I NEED A  GOOD MEDICAL MALPRACTICE<<<lawyer.  know any.  ten years I have been harassed by these county workers and state ,! Being denied correct medical attention. old man w-cane :blowup: :smiley praying:pray for me


OB, I am so sorry you have to deal with all this. I can't imagine having to go through all this.
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.

old boy


            I should not have to be dealing with this ......I agree 100% But Ido not have the money ,nor strength to move to another county or state. These state and county people are all gossiping about any rough jobs they come across. its human nature . we gossip. I don't know where this is going to go , but I have been misunderstood soooo bad.  Why wont one of these mental health workers, just read about the symptoms of fibromyalgia and the difficulties of chronic fatigue, its like banging my head against the wall. :emowall: trying to explain how every muscel in my body goes into a pain spasm. and the long muscels of my legs and arms three times more pain than the rest, I cant scream out in painl its too tying, I know these coucilers move into the county from else where, but they still don't listen to what I am explaining, they areb lazy and are just trying to make life easy for themselves and profile u into their own, I read some of my past reports and nothing is written in the positive, not even that I was working part-time at the times of the interview! 

     All I can say is heads up dudes and dudetts, if they send you to a pain clinic , if possible have a third party ,whose not a friend or relative set in with you. This nonsenss with the mental health workers county club has to stop.!  They have nobody supervising what they are writing and comparing it to what is really said, mental health problems are not talked about at cocktail parties, where a lot of notes get compared. I don't have the strength to go back over all my records, prove by providining the mandatory facts to disprove what was written, prove to a judge ,my life would have ended up much better than it did in this county, if it wasn't for the proffesionals about being "Black balled"  swimming against the current , God is my witness and Sen. Gillderbraun remembers my complaints.

Gods blessing to all in 'fibro-land fir better health and long happy lives


Besides reading Studying Scripture I do Brain Puzzles and games like Mahjong,Card games dominoes,ect.
If there is a Moderator on reading this Post.
I wonder if there is a way to have a simple online Game Zone of interactive stuff like Jeopardy,
Scrabble word games or Logic Puzzles.
Card  games(non gambling for money)
A monopoly game ?

And I have been learning stuff like how to Read Music, Piano Keyboard
got myself a little Yamaha Keyboard.
But having trouble doing both hands at same time.

Learning Foreign Language is good for Brain Power.
I am learning Attic Greek to do personal deeper study of Scriptures.

Something to Challenge the Brain in a possitive way.


F08, I played the piano for years, but I had to go through and write the chord changes above the treble staff, because I could not read both staffs. I taught myself how to play chords to match the song, I played in church for years and no one noticed, sometimes it even sounded better than the original.  But I can't play anymore because of my hands, and it's killing me, but I can't get through 2 verses without my hands cramping for 2 days.
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.

old boy


.      Interesting enough,I ,too😞  have the problem with the hands and fingers, one time a neurosurgeon had me scheduled for surgery on both wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome. I was seeing a chiropractor at the time, he asked if a nerve conductivity test was done,it wasn't and it was ordered and done. Through this test,it was found I didn't have carpal tunnel syndrome in either wrist.

      I'm trying to write about what fibromyalgia suffers go through for a diagnosis and treatment by your own peers. I'm currently working with a physical therapist,Nathan,a concerned therapists,he told me ,at our second meeting that he wasn't familiar with fibromyalgia and therefore,Nathan took the time to look up information on the internet.

.     The difference between the county and state workers,Nathan works for a private hospital.  Private makes all the difference..... I have personally found in this county,anyway. But I explained some of my personal experiences with the same and explained about the book I've been trying to get written..... I now have a great chapter on physical therapy techniques that might be able to help fibromyalgia suffers. Nathan understands that the chronic fatigue syndrome and didn't push any of the exercises and we did mostly some stretch's. A lot of work with balance..... He has a special machine with a specialized computer system, this machine has a base you stand on, it' floats and one sets the resistance and you try focusing on a dot on a screen mounted at eye level and there are different training sessions with making a dot chase other dots on the screen...... I couldn't believe how off my center of gravity is... But I am scheduled in for twice a week... I'll have a great chapter for my book, after I sign the release of Nathans professional documentation on his words with working with a patient with fibromyalgia

Going to keep on trying,can't get any worse.only,hopefully,better 😊 Gods love ❤ and blessings for a happy 😊 new year!


How many here do psyical therapy?
I was wondering if I should do this.
Nathan sounds great. I've never heard of the dot machine before.

It is what it is...


I had about 5 physical therapist over a two year period.  Then I was diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain (CMP).  :emobadmod:  It became clear why the therapies didn't help.   old-man/cane  I had to focus on treating the CMP before I could find any sustainable exercise.  ;)  It has helped but I don't bother with a therapist since I can only do a limited amount of activity.  : :( :


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