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Glenn Campbell Article

Started by DEL, October 25, 2014, 06:48:15 PM

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Glenn Campbell is a childhood favorite from my 8 track years (sigh) and I hate he has Alzheimers. Yeah, it isn't Fibro but
the optimistic and loving tone of the article hit home about a medical condition changing one's life forever. I hope you guys
can get something good from this, too.
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I'm hoping to watch that video when it comes around.  Apparently it came out yesterday so there should be copies floating around soon.  It's so sad to see someone's memory and reality get torn into pieces like that though.  My grandma is currently in stage 6 and it's really hard to see her decline almost daily now.  I'm so glad for Glen's sake that he's able to hold on to his faith while the One he has faith in holds on to him.

Thanks David.. that was really cool.  :budy:
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We can get encouragement from the strangest places at times.
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It changes the life of everyone around it also.
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